Enable “display pop-up windows” on new Xiaomi phones

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Bubble Cloud shows toolbars, measuring markers and “petal” options using the Android feature “Display over other apps”.

The app will prompt you to request permission the very first time it needs to show a “pop-up”.

On newer Xiaomi phones now we are required to allow a second permission not only to show popups, but also be able to show them when the app’s main window was not opened by the user.  This permission protects you from malicious apps showing popup ads, but you can be sure Bubble Cloud will never show any pop-up ads – it’s not my business model.

Please follow the steps to allow this secondary permission:
(click on the screenshots to magnify)

  1. Open the “Apps” section of the system settings:
  2. Select “Manage  apps”
  3. Select “Bubble Cloud” from the list of apps
  4. Enter the section “Other permissions”
  5. Enable both permissions:
    • “Display pop-up window”
    • and “Display pop-up while in background”

Big thank you to Elena Magán for finding the solution and providing the screenshot for these troubleshooting instructions!

Special Access on Poco phone

  1. Open system settings → Privacy Protection
  2. Click Special permissions:
  3. Choose “Display over other apps”
  4. Select Bubble Cloud from the list
  5. Make sure the switch is enabled:

Big thank you to Roman Percev for providing the screenshot for the Poco phone section!

Author: greg

the dev