Troubleshooting the Bubble Cloud tile

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Step 1

Open the Bubble Cloud app drawer (if you cannot open it using the tile, you can use the “Bubble Cloud” app in the standard Wear OS app list):

Step 2

In the app drawer find the folder. It will either show up with the tile symbol (if it is currently assigned to the tile) or with the standard folder icon:
 Tile symbol:
Standard folder symbols:

Step 3

Either way, long press the folder icon to manage, you will see the bubble edit screen:

Step 4

Scroll down a bit on the bubble edit screen to see two options:

  • “Assign to tile”: this is the setting which lets you pick what the Bubble Cloud tile will do:
    • “Open app drawer” gives you the original app drawer opening tile (with the lock)
    • “This folder” assigns the folder to the tile, you will see the bubbles in the tile
  • “Include drawer opener bubble”: adds the 3-dot “more” bubble to the Bubble Cloud Folder-tile, which you can press to open the app drawer even if you have other bubbles in the folder.

More info: How to add bubbles to the Wear OS tile

Author: greg

the dev