Unified shortcuts

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“Shortcuts” settings group:

  • 9th menu item in the settings on the watch
  • 5th settings group in the Bubble Cloud Settings app on the phone

Available shortcuts:

  • Main button long press and double long press
  • Quick Swipe Panel*
  • Long press of the Clock Bubble*
  • Double tap of the Clock Bubble*
  • Single and double press of button 2**
  • Single and double press of button 3**

* Available when using Bubble Cloud as your watch face

** Only shown for watches which have customizable secondary and tertiary buttons. Tap the gear icon at the bottom of the Shortcuts settings group to configure Bubble Cloud to handle the hardware button presses. See more details

Available functions to assign to shortcuts:

Assign shortcut to any bubble

You also get an overview of every shortcut assignment in the Bubble Edit Screen on the watch (when you long press a bubble). Use the Assign Shortcut control to see existing assignments and assign a shortcut action to the bubble’s function. Details in this post

Method “H”

On Wear OS H and later, the old method to remap the long press of the main button no longer works. Please turn on the option “Method H” to continue to be able to customize the long press. The switch will default to “ON” on Wear OS H and newer.

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