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Tutorial: Tasker and Bubble Cloud Widgets (creating music control)

I made this video as a response to the suggestion by Shahid Naseem on our beta channel.  It turned out to be a pretty good test project, which highlighted a few breaking points in the Wear Cloud Editor, which are all fixed now in v4.40.

Using this method, you can create the music control, though I guess you’d only need the “Play” button, the rest appears as notifications as soon as the music starts to play.

I hope this short instructional gives you a jump start with Tasker for limitless control using Bubble Clouds.


  • Have Tasker installed (both Play Store and non-Play Store (7 day trial) versions should work)
  • External access has to be enabled in Tasker
  • Tasker task names should not have accented (national) characters for Bubble Cloud to be able to call them [pointed out by Patrick Doré]

Author: greg

the dev