Major update v4.40 – available from the Play Store

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Major update v4.40 – available from the Play Store
I spent the past 3 weeks refining and improving Bubble Clouds with the help of over 50 alpha and beta testers to bring you another leap in the quality of the app.

The changes affect almost all parts of the app, including:
►the smartwatch component
►the home screen widgets
►and the overall look and feel of the app

You can see a short video below of the most exciting changes to the Android Wear parts.

Here is the complete change list by categories:

►New app title: Bubble Widgets + Wear Launcher
►Material styling, colors, spill-effects all around
►start main app after purchase
►link new features video to What’s new box
►linked YouTube tutorials for Tasker related features
►more about Tasker in the post

►new clouds: prompt to restore orphaned bubbles
►”Restore bubbles from deleted widgets” button
►made strings in orphaned cloud lists localizable
►remind user they have to double tap if pencil hidden
►new option: disable double tap to configure
►smarter auto-population with multiple widgets
►remind to “Force Redraw All widgets” after updates
►more in the post

►significantly reduced watch-face battery use
►fixed ambient background redrawing problems
►step counter live-info bubble with daily-step goals
►optional brightness control in the smartwatch app
►enable lock bubble in app-drawer mode too
►improved clock bubble on high resolution watches
►improved spacing of the archive cloud
►option: ambient peek cards shaded or transparent
►steps icon’s look matches other color-changing icons
►brightness control off in settings → refresh view
►changed default watch bubble size variance 5 → 4
►bubble size in archive cloud grows with variance
►cleaner lock behavior in app-drawer mode
►lock clock by default
►fixed ambient background color by minute of hour
►added note about step count starting at “0”
►optimized clock bubble redraw
►improved visibility of peek cards in ambient mode
►disable ambient-translucent option if no ambient peek
►advise against overdraw mode for wear watch-face
►toasts for the Wear Cloud and Ambient radio choices

►multi-select to change bubbles to the same color
►bump/push mode keep bubbles inside circle
►grid lines in the layout designer
►show color picker only if multiple bubbles selected
►fixed: Tasker bubbles added to the layout designer
►flash light bubble image in Layout Designer
►prompt to configure 1st time each live-info assigned

►new analog clock bubble color customization
►fixed crash when picking custom clock images
►improved custom image assignment
►delete individual clock bubble parts → colors used
►increased image resolution for image import
►more in the post

…pretty impressive list isn’t it?

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And a big thank you to all who took part in the testing

Author: greg

the dev