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Key English Indonesian (in)
contact_categories0 Contacts not yet in this cloud
contact_categories1 Contacts not in any Bubble Clouds
categories0 Apps not yet in this cloud
categories1 Apps not in any Bubble Clouds
add_all_feedback_one Adding %1$d bubble to cloud
add_all_feedback_other Adding %1$d bubbles to cloud
refresh_feedback_one Refreshing %1$d bubble in cloud
refresh_feedback_other Refreshing %1$d bubbles in cloud
add_some_feedback_zero Cloud is full. No bubbles were added. Enable \"delete dwarfs\" or remove unused.
add_some_feedback_one Cloud is full. %1$d bubble was added. Enable \"delete dwarfs\" or remove unused.
add_some_feedback_other Cloud is full. %1$d bubbles were added. Enable \"delete dwarfs\" or remove unused.
add_all_prompt_one Press \"Add\" to add the item displayed below to the Bubble Cloud.
add_all_prompt_other Press \"Add\" to add all %1$d items displayed below to the Bubble Cloud.
times_per_day_one once a day
times_per_day_two twice a day
times_per_day_other %1$d times/day
orphans_killed_zero No orphaned Bubble Clouds were selected
orphans_killed_one Deleted 1 orphaned Bubble Cloud
orphans_killed_other Deleted %1$d orphaned Bubble Clouds
five_star Thank you! Five star reviews motivate me tremendously
email_fail If email app fails to open, please email me manually, you can long press and PASTE the settings, it was now copied to your clipboard.
relinked re-linked
phone_app_name ► Note Bubble Cloud Wear + Widgets
keep ► Note Save
as orphan
apps_widget_name App Bubble Cloud
add_instructions ← Swipe left for icon picker. Tap icons to add/remove. Long press icons to edit.
wf_long_press Long press to edit bubbles
add_contacts Configure Contact Bubble Cloud
contacts_widget_name Contact Bubble Cloud
delete_contacts_title Removing Contact Bubbles widget
delete_contacts_prompt This Bubble Cloud is deleted, but you can keep the bubbles: you will be able to add them to another Contact Bubble Cloud later.
no_contacts Click here to select contacts for this
Contact Bubble Cloud
no_contacts_free Contact Bubble Clouds are only available in the upgraded version.
loading_contacts Scanning contacts…
loading_group Scanning and grouping contacts…
add_apps Configure App Bubble Cloud
delete_apps_title Removing App Bubbles widget
delete_apps_prompt This Bubble Cloud is deleted, but you can keep the bubbles: you will be able to add them to another App Bubble Cloud later.
no_apps Click here to select apps for this
App Bubble Cloud
no_apps_free Only 1 App Bubble widget can be configured in the free version.
links_widget_name Bookmark Bubble Cloud
no_links Share a link from your browser to
\"Add Bookmark Bubble\"
share_www Add Bookmark Bubble
zoom_around Zoom, pan page to adjust thumbnail
string_wait Loading page…
delete_links_title Removing Bookmark Bubbles widget
delete_links_prompt The Bubble Widget is deleted, but you can keep the bubbles: they will reappear the next time you place a Bookmark Bubbles cloud.
widget_name Cloud name
select_content What to show
loading_apps Scanning installed applications…
loading_categories Scanning and categorizing installed applications…
add_new Auto populate
auto_installed Auto-populate = when you install a new app its bubble will automatically be added to this cloud
auto_installed_categ Auto-populate = when you install a new app from the selected categories its bubble will automatically be added to this cloud
button_cancel Cancel
button_download Download
download_categories_title Download categories from Play Store?
download_categories_prompt In order for apps to be filtered by categories, Bubble Cloud Widgets needs to access the Play Store over the Internet.

This is a one-time download of 250kB per app on your device.

It also takes a few minutes, but you will be able to interrupt with the BACK key and continue later.

Click \"Download\" to start.
download_categories Filter by app category
categories_downloaded Play Store category download complete.
button_add Add
delete_dwarfs ► Note Delete dwarfs
reset_bubbles Reset sizes
reset_sizes_title Reset bubble sizes
refresh_images_title Refresh bubble images
reset_sizes_prompt Click \"Reset bubbles\" to change all bubbles to the same size in the cloud.
refresh_images_prompt Click \"Refresh images\" to fetch new icons for all bubbles in the cloud.
refresh_images_prompt_recolor Click \"Refresh images\" to fetch new icons for all bubbles in the cloud.

Since you recently modified the background color, bubble colors will be updated for better contrast (cancel and refresh later to keep current bubble colors)
button_reset Reset bubbles
button_refresh Refresh images
delete_dwarfs_legend Delete dwarfs = when adding to a full cloud, the smallest bubble gets deleted.
freeze_legend Bubble sizes in this cloud will not change until you un-check this option.
auto_contact Auto-populate = when you create a new contact its bubble will automatically be added to this cloud
auto_contact_categ Auto-populate = when you add a new contact to any of the selected groups its bubble will automatically be added to this cloud
add_all_title Add all to cloud
bubble_not_fit Cloud is full. Increase \"Cloud size limit\", enable \"Delete dwarfs\" or remove unused bubbles.
action_reload_categories Re-download Play Store app categories
action_download_categories Download Play Store app categories
action_dyna_logix More apps by DYNA Logix
action_settings Settings…
read_more More info online…
widget_preferences_title Widget Preferences
title_instructions Widgets How-to
short_instructions Add either of these widgets to your home screen from your launcher\'s widget drawer → Help videos show you how: click the red youtube icons.
short_instructions2 → Long press to resize → Add bubbles → Click (pencil) to edit bubbles → Click (plus) to adjust settings
category_download_interrupted Download was interrupted. Please, try again later.
ownership_confirmed Upgraded features activated
action_go_pro Upgrade to Pro/Premium
get_pro_because ► Note In the free version of Bubble Cloud Widgets %1$s. %2$s
feature_reminder_bubbles each cloud includes a non-removable yellow \"Upgrade reminder\" bubble
feature_autopopulate the auto-populate option is not available
feature_more_widgets you are limited to one App Bubble Cloud
feature_contact_bubbles Contact Bubble Clouds are not available
feature_weather_bubbles weather bubbles are not available
feature_tasker_bubbles you can test Tasker calls with one bubble
feature_smart_layouts some Smart Auto Layouts are not available
not_now Not now
If you decide to upgrade:

► You get to support a devoted app developer
► No more ads
► No more \"Upgrade reminders\"
► Get unlimited clouds, bubbles, layouts
► Full backup / restore functions
► Access every advanced feature in the app

Please click to see all the benefits of upgrading Bubble Clouds.
pro_benefit0 If you decide to upgrade Bubble Clouds:
pro_benefit1 You get to support an independent app developer who is devoted to creating apps which put YOU in control
pro_benefit7 One time in-app purchase: buy once, use it on all your current and future devices!
launcher_safe Launcher compatibility mode
launcher_safe_short Compatibility
launcher_rotate Launcher rotation enabled
consider_rotation Bubble Cloud Widgets:
[✔] Rotating launcher
option automatically enabled
sfsv_confirmed ► Note S for Switch Voice Pro → Bubble Cloud Widgets Premium unlocked
resize_first Long press to resize first
action_feedback User feedback
feedback_prompt We would love to hear what you think of the Bubble Cloud app.
button_problem I have some problems
button_rate_play_store I love it!
feedback_long_button I love it!
feedback_prompt_long <small>You have been using Bubble Clouds for a bit now, congrats! I know this app is not perfect, but I am constantly working to improve it. To help me get there, would you like to positively review my app on Google Play?

<b>5 star reviews help a lot</b> - more than you could imagine.

Alternatively, you can contact me via email with any questions / problems / suggestions you may have. I respond quickly.

Thank you!

<i>(Press <b>BACK</b> to never see this again)</i></small>
button_problem_long Email
button_rate_long Rate / Review
email Please select your email app and send me a few words describing the issues. I respond to every email!
open_error Unable to open activity:
phone_on Phone#
photo_on Photo
filter_name Search filter
thank_you Thank you for your support. Here are all the benefits:
starred ► Note Starred in Android
more more
dial_contact ► Note Dial
call_contact Call
email_contact Email
sms_contact SMS
pick_action \?
contact_settings Contact Widgets
click_action Bubble action:
color_border Border thickness for new photos:
defaults <big>Defaults:</big> <small>(individual cloud settings override)</small>
restore_default Default
action_auto_color Automatic bubble colors
out_of_memory Widget cannot cover more than 50% of the screen in rotating launcher mode
update_interval Auto-populate scan frequency:
action_kill_orphans Delete folders and orphaned widgets…
premium_version Premium upgrades
no_items No matching items: Adjust filters
All matching already added to cloud:
Press BACK to see homescreen
title_wear Wear OS
title_wear_live_info App Launcher
title_wear_contacts Contact Cloud
wear_instructions Tap yellow bubble above for the Wear Contact Cloud. Add up to 15 contacts:
gmail_auth Click to authenticate Bubble Cloud Widgets to be able to send Gmail from the watch.
wear_contacts Wear contacts
wear_instructions_tap Tap screenshots above: open on watch
wear_instructions_drawer App-drawer:
wear_instructions_watchface Watch-face
v964_wear_instructions_edge Swipe in at the upper half of the screen. Select other ways to open app-drawer or adjust handle size in settings on watch:
padding_x ► Note Pad X
padding_y Pad Y
stretch ► Note Scale
compatibility_label Launcher Tweaks
widget_no_show ► Note Smaller widgets appear blank? tap \"Set%1$s\"\u00A0button. Gap\u00A0too\u00A0big? Scaling\u00A0[-] if\u00A0overlap\u00A0[+]. Adjust X/Y padding to fine tune size and shape.
widget_no_show_float Gap too big? Scaling [-] if overlap [+]. Adjust XY padding to fine tune size and shape.
recommended_stretch Set
wearSettings Settings on watch
wearSettings2 Settings on %s watch
check_settings_on_watch Please check your watch for the settings
check_launcher_on_watch Bubble Cloud opened on your watch
check_contacts_on_watch Contact Bubble Cloud opened on your watch
click_for_tweak Tap twice to tweak
action_video Play intro video
measure ► Note Measure\u00A0widget: Position\u00A0red,\u00A0green then tap\u00A0✔. Tap\u00A0below\u00A0to\u00A0exit:
unmeasured Launcher\u00A0compatibility\u00A0mode: Please\u00A0click to\u00A0measure\u00A0widget.
dropZone ► Note Please unblock DropZone in Phone Manager / Settings on Huawei devices. See menu item \"Troubleshooting\"
looks_ok_title First widget placed
looks_ok_message1 Congrats, you placed your first Bubble Cloud. Now, does it look OK?
looks_ok_message2 Are the bubbles…
►too small? too big?
►not round? overlap?
►altogether missing?
compatibility_message To fix: see \"Launcher Tweaks\"
button_settings Go to Settings…
authenticate Authenticate Gmail
button_resync Resync with watch
refresh_contacts_prompt Use this icon on the watch to access your Wear Contact Bubble Cloud (or say \"Open Contact Bubbles\").
refresh_contacts_prompt2 Contact bubble only appears if at least one contact has been added to the cloud.
remove_all Remove all bubbles
remove_contacts_title Delete all contacts from watch
remove_contacts_prompt Press \"Remove all\" to reset the Contact Bubble Cloud on the watch (no undo!).

The yellow Contact bubble will disappear from the Wear Bubble Launcher until you add contacts again.
touch_to_hang_up Tap to end call
call_with with\u00A0
hang_up Hang up
wear_instructions1 Please watch help videos: click the red youtube icons.
wear_instructions1free You can test the Wear functions, but they become fully functional only after upgrading to Premium.
background_color Background color
widget_properties Cloud properties
add_bubbles Add bubbles
cant_add_all_0 No bubbles to add - change filters to show more items
cant_add_all Cannot add all: too many items.
→ Touch single icons to add to cloud
→ Or narrow the selection to category/group or orphaned bubbles
freeze_sizes2 Lock bubble sizes →\u00A0positions
done ► Note Done (Back)
default_click_action Default bubble action: (cloud settings override)
sticky2 2×tap→Sticky open (pin app)
sticky_legend Double tap app bubbles = \"Sticky open\" → return to app when screen un-dims
recent_incoming Recent incoming calls
recent_outgoing Recent outgoing calls
recent_missed Recently missed calls
enable_measure Measure widget size
hide_2x_configure 2×tap background → edit cloud
hide_pencil Hide pencil (2×tap background)
hide_pencil_legend When the pencil is hidden, you will have to double tap on an empty area of the widget to invoke delete/configure mode

Hide pencil
action_redraw_all ► Note Force redraw all widgets
action_redraw_all_feedback Redrawing widgets…
wear_autohide_enabled ► Note No clock bubble → Wear Launcher auto-hides after 10s if not touched
wear_autohide_disabled Clock bubble → Wear Launcher auto-hide: OFF
sort_abc ABC
sort_time Time
local_new_title Translations
local_new_prompt Bubble Cloud Widgets is being translated to different languages. If you find a translation hard to use, you can always switch back to English.

On the other hand we would appreciate if you helped us improve. Making just a few corrections on our website is a big help.

You are welcome to use the same website to add your own language. I will include any complete translation in the app!
action_translate Help translate…
add_to_cloud ► Note Merge orphaned bubbles into…
Merge into
contact contacts
bookmark bubbles in Bookmark Clouds
app apps
in_widget_nr Widget #
app_name_settings Bubble Cloud Settings
welcome_title2 Bubble Cloud
welcome_title1 Welcome to
welcome_title3 Wear Launcher + Widgets
welcome_select Please select
your primary use:
welcome_settings To access settings later use the app icon:
action_set_primary Change primary use…
primary_why Choice only affects which settings appear on top
title_wear_watchface Watch face
wf_ambient Ambient:
wf_ambient_on2 Bubble outlines are shown → Saves battery on OLEDs
wf_ambient_off2 Full bubbles are shown → More battery use on OLEDs
wf_ambient_hollow Hollow
wf_sensitivity Reduced touch sensitivity
wf_animated App opening animation*
wf_favorites Favorites
wf_archive Archive
compatible_launcher *Animation feels slow?
wear_long_clock ► Note You can still tap or long tap clock bubble for the
non-dimming full screen clock with seconds hand
action_trouble_shoot Troubleshoot problems
click_to_re_measure Tap to re-measure:
wf_no_bubbles Icons only (no bubbles) ~\u00A0\"Android\u00A0look\"
wf_animation_on Spinning bubble effect when starting apps: tap screen to exit animation (see note below)
wf_animation_off No spinning effect → Animation is not recommended in app-drawer mode (see note below)
wf_reducedsensitivity_on More precise taps are needed to open apps → Recommended for over-sensitive displays (Sony SW3)
wf_reducedsensitivity_off Recommended to turn OFF for less touch-sensitive screens (Moto360)
cloud_editor Wear Cloud Editor
action_update_watch Update cloud on watch
are_you_sure This cannot be undone! What to reset?
action_restore_colors Bubble colors
action_restore_sizes Bubble weights
action_restore_default Reset to default…
action_restore_default_sizes Reset weights/colors…
battery_color Bubble color changes with value/level
intro_show_hide Show/hide in list below
intro_system Extras
intro_deleted Hidden apps
intro_archive Archive cloud
intro_favorites Favorites cloud
intro_az type/name or
intro_sort_size by cloud/weight
intro_sort Sort list by
intro_status1 Tap to move between
intro_status2 Long tap to hide app
intro_color Color/options
intro_size Adjust bubble weight
intro_live_view Assign live-info
intro_hide_help Hide
intro_show_help Help legends
intro_step2 Tap bubbles to change look / action
intro_step2_text Set color. Clock=analog / digital. Lock=auto / manual.
Weather=celsius / fahrenheit / next day / other city.
intro_step3 Assign LiveInfo to bubbles
intro_step3_text Show useful info (date, battery level, weather, etc.)
instead of some app icons. Tap (+i) on the right.
help_in_menu Re-open the help legends from the menu
no_wear_device Wear OS device not found
no_wear_connection Could not connect to Wear OS device.

Please try to toggle connection off/on in the Wear OS app.

It might be necessary to RESTART WATCH. See troubleshooting info
no_wear_toast Could not connect to Wear OS device
intro_welcome Welcome to the Wear Cloud Editor
intro_tip1a Filter/sort this list: please touch
intro_tip1b or
intro_tip1c on the top
intro_tip1d to show/hide apps in the favorites or archive clouds
intro_next Next tip
watch_was_reset Watch was reset. Previously configured cloud arrangements are being restored.
v964_wf_trans_amb_peek Translucent ambient peek card
v964_wf_large_card Bigger peek card
wf_small_card_toast Please switch to a different watch-face then back to Bubble Cloud Watchface
for the change to take effect.
wf_large_card_toast Please switch to a different watch-face then back to Bubble Cloud Watchface
for the change to take effect. Disclaimer: bigger cards are cropped slightly.
cards_vibrate New card vibration:
cards_vibrate_on If vibration is enabled in watch settings, it will vibrate when new cards appear
cards_vibrate_off No extra vibration when new cards appear
no_location Unable to get location for weather/sunrise/sunset update. Please enable location services from time to time.
days_short Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat
touch_for_options Touch weather icon to configure information
weather_today Current Weather Bubble
weather_today_description It shows the temperature and weather conditions for your current location.

If the bubble is large enough, and the other weather bubble is not configured to show a different geographical location, this bubble will also include the high/low temperatures for the day.

Please select your preferred temperature units.
fahrenheit Fahrenheit
celsius Celsius
other_weather Other Weather Bubble
other_weather_description Select what to show:
weather_tomorrow Local forecast for tomorrow
weather_city Today\'s forecast for city:
wear_hour_glass ► Note Hour glass icon only appears in watchface mode
Tap clock bubble in app-drawer mode for full-screen non-dimming clock
tap_to_lock Tap to lock
tap_to_unlock Tap to unlock
auto_lock_enabled Auto-lock: ON
lock_clock No clock tap when locked
v964_wf_burn_in Rearrange to prevent burn-in
wf_burn_in_toast Shift/rearrange cloud every 30 minutes. NOT necessary on Moto360 and SonySW3.
v964_wf_trans_peek Translucent peek card
intro_youtube_title Cloud Editor tutorial video
intro_youtube_text Please watch it, it\'s not your usual
demo, I explain everything in detail
bce_video Cloud Editor Tutorial…
title_tasker Add Tasker bubble
add_tasker_instructions Tap to select task, set bubble icon and colors.
open_tasker Open Tasker
tasker_error Error: Is Tasker installed? Preferences / Misc / Allow External Access = Enabled?
foreground Recolor:
custom_image ► Note Import image…
edit_bubble_hint_touch_to_change Touch bubble to change image
save Save
move_to_cloud Move to other cloud…
tasker_bubble Tasker bubble
app_bubble App bubble
bookmark_bubble Bookmark bubble
contact_bubble Contact bubble
delete_long_press Long press to delete
app_uninstall_on_delete Uninstall app…
change_image_first Change image first
wf_minute_color_remind Warning: setting will not affect watch-face mode, because \"Background by minute of the hour\" is enabled below.
wear_mini_launcher Disable Wear Mini Launcher
disable_wml_text For optimum performance do not use two launchers at the same time.

While trying Bubble Cloud Launcher, it is advised to disable Wear Mini Launcher.

Press below to open WML settings. Then set:

Enable drawer = OFF
saving_image Saving image…
preparing_card Preparing card…
no_storage_card No storage card
not_enough_space Not enough space
border Border:
action_auto_edit Edit after add
hours Hours:
minutes Minutes:
ratio Size ratio:
date_bubble Date bubble customization
clock_piece Import
four_to_one Incorrect clock hand image.
(height → min 100px, width:height ratio → max 1:4)
active active
inactive inactive
hour_hand hour hand
minute_hand minute hand
clock_dial clock dial
clock_dial_layout Clock dial: REVEAL = touch near the edge to bring bubbles over clock hands
ideal_dial <![CDATA[Wrong size! Ideal dial image: 200px < HEIGHT < 500px]]>
size Weight:
auto_layout Auto-arrange
overlap Allow overlap → may move bubbles to cover others
bump Bump mode → Bubbles don\'t overlap
push No overlap → Bubbles push each other
multi ► Note Multi-bubble actions
custom_layout Custom layout design active
custom_layout_prompt The favorites cloud is frozen because you manually arranged the bubbles in your favorites cloud.

Restore automatic layout <b>(and loose your custom design)</b> if you want to adjust this option.
keep_custom Keep custom
restore_auto Restore auto
intro_show_tips Tool tip toasts
swap Swap bubbles
action_copy_layout Layout → clipboard
action_paste_layout Clipboard → layout
layout_copied Layout string is copied to text-clipboard → Paste it into any other app
not_enough_bubbles Not enough bubbles in clipboard text
not_pasted Nothing to paste
intro_layout_editor Layout designer
intro_step4 Arrange the bubbles as you wish
intro_step4_text Click on the <b>Layout Designer</b> icon on the top, then
drag/resize the bubbles freely for your Favorites cloud
action_google_plus App tips &amp; talk…
whats_new What\'s new in v
vibrate_feedback Haptic feedback
select_another Please select another
find_my_phone_disabled Find-my-phone function is disabled in the Bubble Cloud Editor.
reset_wear_cloud_info Reset Cloud Editor
reset_wear_cloud_description In case of difficulty entering the Cloud Editor you can try clearing its settings, and restore it to defaults.

This only affects the Cloud Editor and no other settings in the app.
new_video New video ►
long_press_reset ► Note %1$s data transfer was interrupted: please reset Editor using the \"%2$s\" command in the \"%3$s\" card.
day Day:
date Date:
wf_full Full
before_you_upgrade Before you upgrade
before_you_upgrade0 <big>Thank you</big><small>
for considering to support the development of this app.

<b>Before you buy,</b> please make sure the app works correctly on your devices.

The <b>free</b> version should also be <b>fully functional</b>:
before_you_upgrade1 <small><b>You can use one App Cloud widget.</b> The bubbles should not appear distorted or overlapping:</small>
help_widget Help fix widget…
before_you_upgrade2 <small>You can use the Bubble Cloud watchface and app-drawer on your <b>Wear OS smartwatch</b> (with occasional upgrade reminders):</small>
help_wear Help install on watch…
before_you_upgrade3 <small>Please read our <b>forums</b> or <b>email</b> me if you have questions. I respond to everybody. <b>I am very grateful for your support.</b></small>
action_forums Help forum
action_email Email developer
v964_wait_5_min <b>Newer Wear OS watches:</b> Check your watch for further steps. Use Play Store on watch to install watch component.

<b>Older Android Wear watches:</b> allow 3–10 minutes for the Operating System to automatically install the watch component.
icon_pack Icon pack
icon_pack_beta Please report missing packs and other problems!
no_icon_pack No icon pack - default icons
no_layout_to_copy No layout to copy
video_demo Watch video demo
action_beta Become beta tester…
lg_g3 To fix: set parameters *1.1 +5 +5 in Launcher Tweak settings. Please see video.
next_time Ask later
icon_pack_play Recommended icon packs…
email_dev_title I am here to help you…
email_dev_text …in case you have
► any problems
► questions
► or suggestions
regarding Bubble Cloud Widgets.

Please click the button below, and choose your e-mail app (Gmail?). The email will contain some technical info, which will help me help you.

<b>I respond via email, to everyone, quickly.</b> Test me!

<quote><small><b>Note:</b> You can also use the Youtube links everywhere in the app for short demos and tutorials.</small></quote>
add_comments Please add your comments:
wear_ok_google Double-tapping the clock bubble also takes you to Voice Search directly
wf_auto_brightness Low-battery autobrightness OFF
auto_brightness_hint <![CDATA[Workaround for AndroidWear bug on Moto360 if screen blanks when battery < 16%]]>
click_sound Touch sound:
overviewChart Watch face: how to use and customize
v964_wf_ambient_peek Ambient peek card
high_res_icons ► Note Theme highest res default app icons
high_res_toast Re-apply icon pack to take effect. Turn off for better compatibility: icons may appear blurry
without_clearing Try without clearing
widget_folder_animated Folder bubble animation (experimental)
widget_animated Bubble animation (beta!)
animation_duration Animation time:
animation_on Enable animation (beta!)
animation_general_warning Bubble opening animation is a new feature, it has not been thoroughly tested, and has performance issues. Try at your own risk!
animation_need_measure ► Note Measure widget

Android doesn\'t provide positional information for widgets. For animation to work precisely, please \"measure\" the position of the widget on screen.
animation_hint Bubble Animation (BETA!): Enable it for each widget in ⊕→\"Cloud Configuration\" (bottom)
number_of_bubbles Max #of bubbles:
cloud_stats <b>Cloud stats:</b> bubbles=<b>%1$d</b>/%2$d sizes=<b>[%3$d-%4$d]</b> average=<b>%5$.1f</b>
turn_off_all_animation Turn off bubble opening animation for all widgets?
You will need to enable them one by one.

Use this option to fix problems caused by turning on animation.

widget_animation_reminder Animation: ON
In case of problems, turn it off in main Bubble Cloud Settings app.
steps_daily_goal Daily steps goal
multi_selection Multiple bubbles selected
multi_change Change all selected bubbles
step_count_msg ► Note <big>Note:</big>
Bubble Cloud step count will start at \"0\" on the partial day of the installation
restore_orphans Restore bubbles from deleted widget…
removed Removed
custom_image_exists Custom image already assigned.
overwrite Assign new image
vibrate Vibrate:
notification_card ► Note Notification card
label_if ► Note <![CDATA[if steps <]]>
label_from From:
label_to To:
label_office_from Active hours start
label_office_to Active hours end
min_abr min
swap_mode_hint Swap tool activated → touch bubbles to switch places
navigation_drawer_open Open navigation drawer
navigation_drawer_close Close navigation drawer
hints_faster Less
hints_slower More
drawer_remind → Swipe in for more options
monitor_activity Inactivity tracking
plugin_missing Missing plugin
purchase_install See in Play Store
introductory_price Your watch can prolong your life: <b>spend $2 on your health</b>
vibrate_note Keep finger longer to feel start/end vibrations
steps %1$s ► %2$d steps
Tracking: %3$s%4$s
loading_icons Fetching bubble images may take a few minutes. Please wait…
action_copyright Legal notices…
circle Circle:
ambient_brightness Low brightness also dims ambient face
charge_rotation_hint App-drawer opens automatically if you select to rotate screen. Select 4th (no rotation) to disable charge screen.
long_press_legend ► Note Long press to display app name if moving is disabled
default_bubble Default bubble image
clear_filter_for_more ✕ → Clear filter for all icons in the pack
recolor_active ► Note Warning: RECOLOR tint was set (tip: increase its transparency)
missing_icons How to handle missing icons:
apply_pack_tip <b>Tip:</b> if you assign handheld app icons manually, these assignments are stored and will be utilized when applying different icon packs.
action_apply_iconpack Apply icon pack…
aw_bubble Click here then select Bubble Cloud watch face in Wear OS app
aw_other Click here then select a different watch face in Wear OS app
label_day Days:
sunday Su
monday Mo
tuesday Tu
wednesday We
thursday Th
friday Fr
saturday Sa
theme_live_info Theme live-info bubbles
live_info_tip Tap preview for alternatives
action_auto_layouts Smart auto-layouts
widget_pro ► Note Widgets Upgrade
wear_pro ► Note Wear Upgrade
wear_widget ► Note Premium (Wear + Widget)
pro_free Free
pro_app_widgets App widgets:
pro_unlimited unlimited
pro_bookmark_widget Bookmark widget:
pro_contact_widgets Contact widgets:
pro_upgrade_reminders \"Buy me\" reminders:
pro_on_watch on watch
pro_in_widgets in widgets
pro_wear_launcher Wear Launcher:
pro_trial_reminder trial + reminders
pro_wear_contacts Wear Contacts:
pro_trial trial
pro_one_per_cloud 1/widget
pro_tasker_bubbles Tasker bubbles:
pro_unlimited_widget unlimited in widget
pro_unlimited_wear unlimited on watch
pro_auto_population Auto-population:
pro_weather_bubbles Weather bubbles:
pro_smart_auto_layouts Smart auto-layouts:
pro_support Online support:
pro_priority priority
pro_high_priority high priority
theme_hollow_icons <b>Note:</b> Bubbles will be switched to non-hollow.
pro_status Purchase status:
no_android_wear No Wear OS found
no_gear The Smartwatch component of the app only works on <b>Wear OS</b> watches:
no_gear0 ►Asus ►Huawei ►LG ►Moto ►Sony ►TAG ►Casio ►Fossil ►MKors ►Nixon ►NewBalance ►Polar etc.
no_gear1 If you have one of these watches, please set it up before installing Bubble Clouds. More info:
no_gear2 Not compatible:
no_gear3 <b>Chinese Smartwatches</b> running <b>standard Android made for phones</b> (GTO8, DZ09 etc)
no_gear4 <b>Samsung Gear</b> watches run Samsung\'s proprietary operating system <b>\"Tizen\"</b>. No <b>Wear OS</b> app will work with them.
no_gear6 You can still use the home screen widgets on your device!
app_delay_redraw Delay redraw
app_delay_redraw_hint ► Note Delay redraw: will not redraw widget while this app is open (prevent widget distortion)
wf_full_screen_clock Tap/long tap clock bubble → timer
wf_voice_search 2×tap clock bubble → voice search
no_live_info No LiveInfo:
world_clock_battery_warning World-time bubbles cause full screen redraws → may shorten battery life
clock_transparent_warning Setting the inactive clock bubble background to transparent causes full screen redraws → may shorten battery life
paginated Multi-page archives:
clouds Bubble\u00A0weight\u00A0→\u00A0which\u00A0cloud:
dropZone2 Please unblock DropZone in Phone Manager / Settings. On Huawei devices Bubble Cloud Widgets will not work correctly otherwise.
page2_widgets Find Bubble Clouds in the widget drawer of your launcher:
page2_steps 1. Drag \"App Cloud\" to a blank home screen
2. Long press → make it bigger
3. Click center icon to add bubbles
next NEXT ►
thank_you_for_using Thank you for your interest
page7_click_to_use Click to start using the app:
click_huawei ► Note Click to open Huawei <b>Phone/Tablet Manager:</b>
launcher_problem Launcher problem
get_nova Get Nova Launcher
launcher_problem_text Bubble Cloud Widgets is a widget app: you can add the widgets to the home screens of your app launcher.

Your current launcher, %s is not compatible, because it does not support resizable widgets.

Please switch to the standard launcher on your phone, or install one from the Play Store.

Nova Launcher is a good free alternative (no association).
loyalty_note Congratulations! You are eligible for the special \"Friend Price\", because you have used the Free version for over %d weeks:
loyalty_price Premium: %1$s (was: %2$s)
sort_apps_into_clouds Organize apps into clouds (groups):
hidden Hidden
settings_screens Settings screens <small>(use navigation drawer):</small>
two_modes Select usage mode:
mode_easy <b>Settings:</b> Basic
miui_phones MIUI / Xiaomi
miui_float Please enable \"Popup Windows\" or \"Floating windows\" for Bubble Clouds in the MIUI Security Center
click_app_info Click to open app info:
hint_augmented App drawer transparency:
Over 50% → dim + show bubbles over watch-face
100% → non-bubble touches passed to watch-face
single_row Single line
long_press_app (Long press icons to display app names)
update_key_not_installed <big><b>License problem?</b></big>
If your Premium status is not restored correctly, please check the Play Store: maybe you upgraded using <b>Premium Key app or in-app-purchase in the other app-variant.</b> If not, email me, I will help!
hide_pencil_legend_no2x Pencil is hidden, as long as double tapping is disabled you won\'t be able to edit widgets.

Are you sure
hide_pencil_legend_no2x_title Attempt to lock widgets
hide_pencil_no2x Widget is not editable. Unhide pencil or enable double tap in Bubble Cloud Settings.
need_float Bubble Cloud Widgets needs to show controls on top of other apps.
marshmallow On devices running Marshmallow or later, permission needs to be given in the system settings.
popup_title Bubble Cloud Folders
pop_instructions_easy Bubble Folder shortcuts will open bubble clouds in pop-up windows.
pop_name Label:
pop_create Create and place shortcut on home screen
pop_create_folder Create Bubble Folder
start_with_blank Start with blank…
popup_nr Folder:
remove_all_confirm This will permanently delete all bubbles from the cloud. There is no undo!

Remove all bubbles
popup_pro_feature you can only have 1 Bubble Folder
new_feature New feature ►
widget_animated_folder Bubble opening animation
popup_create_apps Folder: App Bubbles
popup_create_contacts Folder: Contact Bubbles
popup_create_bookmarks Folder: Bookmark Bubbles
export Export
share_title Share selected clouds to…
imported_nr Imported:
import_label Import Bubble Cloud
import_msg Press BACK to cancel
import_error ERROR
import_bubbles bubble(s)
widget_manager Widgets + folders
backup_restore_settings Backup / Reset to defaults
backup_restore Backup / Restore
widget %s widget
orphan ► Note Orphaned %s widget cloud
folder %s folder
imported Imported bubble cloud
links bookmarks
delete_clouds This will permanently delete the selected clouds. No undo.

delete_clouds_widgets Widgets need to be removed from your home screen first.

Launcher dependent: usually long press and drag up.

Delete the rest
export_instructions1_widgets <b>Widgets are backed up</b> to separate ZIP archives
export_instructions1_settings (Use \"Widget+Folder\" screen to backup bubbles) Here, only the <b>settings are backed up</b> in a ZIP archive
export_instructions1_wear All watch related <b>settings and bubbles are backed up</b> in a ZIP archive
export_instructions2 and can be sent to a cloud storage app installed on your device (Google Drive, Dropbox etc.)
import_instructions1_widgets <b>To restore backed up widgets:</b> select the ZIP archives
import_instructions1_single <b>To restore a backup:</b> select the ZIP archive
import_instructions2 in the cloud storage app, and \"Send\", \"Export\" or \"Share\" them to <b>\"Import Bubble Cloud\".</b>
google_drive_0_recommended Recommended storage service: <b>Google Drive.</b> Other services might only let you restore ZIPs one by one.
google_drive_1_select Select widgets in the list for backup
google_drive_2_open_or or to <b>restore a backup</b>:
google_drive_2_open 1) open <b>Drive</b> using the icon above
2) select ZIP archive(s) to restore
3) <b>\"Send\"</b> them to
google_drive_3_install 1) Tap the Drive icon above to install from the Play Store,
2) or click <b>\"Export\"</b> below
3) then pick a storage app installed on your device.
google_drive_4_export 1) Tap <b>\"Export\"</b> below
2) then pick <b>Google Drive</b> or another storage app.
feature_import_settings backed up clouds and settings cannot be imported
edit_delete_hint EDIT MODE: Tap bubbles to edit / delete
action_copy_paste_layout Layout ↔ Clipboard
paste_warning WARNING: layout in the designer will be overwritten
include_wear_contacts Include wear contact cloud
show_labels Labels (spacing → font size)
fully_charged_hint ► Note Setting will auto-clear after ringing. To activate from watch: tap Phone Bubble while on charger.
show_labels_widget Always show bubble labels
show_caption Show widget name - text color:
set_name Remember to set cloud name (in Cloud properties on top)
sal_circle Circular
sal_square Square
sal_grid Grid
sal_galaxy Galaxy
sal_corner Corners
sal_split Split Digital
sal_split_round Round Digital
sal_asymm Off center (big clock)
sal_size_columns ► Note Vari-Columnar
sal_columns ► Note Uni-Columnar
sal_diagonal Diagonal
paginated_prefix Paginated
swap2 Swap: tap bubble #2
swap1 Swap: tap bubble #1
try_again Please try again in %d seconds
hr12 12H
hr24 24H
style_auto_apply Apply all theme settings
recenter Move last used bubble to center
section3_none ► Note No extra
section3_seconds Seconds:
section3_ampm AM/PM
action_about About Bubble Clouds…
check_updates Check for updates
wf_clockonly_on In the Wear Cloud Editor → mark which bubbles show in ambient mode
hiDPI_title Large Fonts
hiDPI_prompt High DPI / Large font setting detected.
Recommended: in the left navigation bar select language \"HiDPI (Eng)\" for shortened text labels to fit more on screen.

Set this language option now
veil_hint To dim any watch-face: click brightness icon → \"A\" → adjust veil transparency (+see App Tips)
no_drawer_hint PAUSE = Deactivate app drawer handle while this app is open (app drawer returns after screen dims)
reexport_important Important notice
reexport Earlier versions of Bubble Clouds contain a Google Drive related bug. Your widget backups may be unusable.

Please export all your widgets again!

Go to Widgets and Folders now
bubble_spacing Bubble spacing:
position Info location:
clock_theme_tip <b>Tip:</b> enable <i>Full Screen Clock</i> OR: using <i>Cloud Editor</i> select fewer favorites (ideal: 1–5).
limited_apply_long_press Long press items for selective apply: font / image only
min_max Show min/max (if available + enough space)
accept Accept
bar_function Bar function:
brightness_auto Bright/Auto
ambient_dim Dim ambient
sale_name Thanksgiving sale:
brightness_long_press_hint Long press ☀ to toggle on watch
not_uniform Original colors (not uniform)
clock_dial_hint Custom hours hand. Only clock dial is affected.
custom_image_exists_color Cannot set color if custom image is assigned. Restore default (and delete custom)?
watchface_only Only available if Bubble Clouds is set as your watch-face.
battery_warning Active watchface updated every second → may shorten battery life!
tick_hint Set media volume on watch to at least 50% to hear the ticking sound. Not all watches have speakers.
center extra
hidden_feature_long <b>Hidden feature:</b> Long press color box to import image
hour_plus_dial Color also applies to the default dials!
different_version Wear app: different version
different_version_prompt If phone app has just been updated, please wait for system to update watch automatically (5–15min).

If Wear OS system failed auto-update: try to resync apps
different_version_standalone Phone has been updated, watch runs standalone version, please update it too.

Open Play Store on watch
theme_version Theme needs newer version of Bubble Clouds
theme_beta If you are a beta tester, please update Bubble Clouds to the newest version. If not yet a tester, would you like to join
theme_update Would you like to get the update from the Play Store
fontbck Font and backgrounds
create_backup Do a backup first!
missing_pack Theme pack not installed on watch
missing_pack_prompt Please check your watch. Open Play Store on watch
install_wear Please continue by installing the wearable app from the Google Play Store on the watch.

wear20 Wear OS/Android Wear
contact_app_crashes Contacts crash? Want better details?
contact_app_crashes2 1. Install free app True Contacts
2. Open a contact bubble
3. Pick \"Contacts\" NOT: \"Contact details\"

Install now
no_sd Cannot access: image on SD CARD? Try to move it TO INTERNAL STORAGE
hide_icons Hide theme pack launcher icons
theme_update_205 For the hiding option please update every theme pack to v2.05 or newer
any_watchface Any watchface +
no_gear8 Wear OS is a special version of Android made specifically for watches.
Not all Android compatible watches use Wear OS.
I am very sorry for the bad news :-(
no_gear9 Good news
state_provider_permission Communicate between Wear and Widget apps
uninstall Unnecessary duplication
uninstall_widgets You have two versions of Bubble Clouds installed on your device:
► The Widgets-Only app is not used.
► The Wear+Widgets app includes the same functionality.

Uninstall the Widgets-Only app
remind_later Remind you later?
in_a_week In a week
remove_weather Hide weather info
remove_sunset Hide sun info
theme_background_color Check your watch: press cancel to keep default theme background color
help ▶ Help
select_activity Select launch ACTIVITY
show_contact Show contact
add_folder Add Bubble Folder
add_phone_apps Add\u00A0bubbles\u00A0to\u00A0open apps\u00A0on\u00A0phone
add_http_bubbles Add SmartHome Control HTTP bubble
HTTP_bubble SmartHome Control bubble
test Test
dnd Obey \"Do not disturb\"
tasker_plugin_bubble_hint Update a Tasker Bubble on watch and/or in homescreen widgets/folders (beta!)
tasker_plugin_refresh Refresh affected clouds
no_tasker_bubbles No Tasker bubbles found in any of your bubble clouds. Add using Wear Cloud Editor or ✏️ then ⊕
tasker_variable Tasker Variable Select
no_tasker_variables No local %variables available. Refer to global %VARIABLES by typing their names.
tasker_plugin Start Tasker plugin trial
tasker_timeout The free version lets you <b>try</b> the Tasker plugin: the <b>test period will end after 36 hours.</b> Restart the trial any number of times. No timeout in Premium.
transparent_expands_icon ► Note Set color completely transparent to expand icon to full bubble (no border). Set label to empty string to remove label.
text Text in bubble:
use_front_mask Apply \"iconupon\" overlay
color_code Color code (int):
runtime_var %color= alpha *2^24 + red *2^16 + green *2^8 + blue
reuse Reuse HTTP commands
complication_app_drawer Watch face complications only show when Bubble Clouds is your watch face. In app drawer mode another watch face app controls the complications.
toggle_tag Has toggle fields e.g. [on|off]
ignore Ignore
long_press_symbol ► Note <b>Tip:</b> long press cloud markers, to move bubbles to same cloud (without bringing up this list)
cloud in cloud:
folder_how Add bubbles to this folder by tapping their left-side cloud markers (★/⚫) in the list
keep_bubble_on_uninstall Keep frozen bubbles after uninstall
keep_bubble_on_uninstall_hint If bubbles in cloud have sizes locked: uninstalling apps will not remove their bubbles, they open Play Store instead.
permission_read_contacts You are about to add contacts to this Bubble Cloud. The app needs to access your contacts.
permission Permission request
permission_call_log You chose to filter by caller group. Bubble Cloud needs to access your call log.
permission_wear_contacts Here you can add contact bubbles to your watch. The app needs permissions to call / text / email these contacts.
crop crop image
group_sort_abc Group by type, alphabetical order
group_sort_size Group by cloud, ordered by weight
permission_denied You denied permission (set manually in Bubble Cloud app info → Permissions)
fix Fix
day_night_brightness Bubble Cloud can manage separate daytime and nighttime screen brightness on the watch. It can restore your daytime level at sunrise, and nighttime level at sunset.
permission_restore The app needs access-permissions for restored contact/sunrise/weather bubbles. Please allow.
no_hotspot In Android Oreo apps are no longer allowed to control wifi tethering (hotspot). I am looking for workarounds, but for now this feature is gone. Thank Google :(
permission_access_notification ► Note Starting in Android M, apps need permission to control Do-not-disturb mode on the phone.

Please find Bubble Clouds in the following list, and enable the permission.

Enable Ring-mode bubble
permission_request_all Request all permissions upfront now
nothing_selected Nothing selected
dim_folder_back Dim background behind folder
dim_folder_back_hint Auto = dim background for light folders
round_corners Rounded corners:
corner_margin_tip Tip: Long press ⊕ in folder\'s caption to adjust corners → margin → spacing
close_folder_on_start Close folder on bubble tap
search_replace Search and replace
replace Replace
replace_all Replace all
undo_last Undo last replace
replace_report Replaced: %d
(you can undo)
undo_report Undone: %d
(undo to redo)
dontshow Do not show this screen again
long_press_no_cloud Tip: Long press green save to skip showing cloud
no_preview Cannot render preview, please try to share a different web page (or from a different browser)
long_press_palette Tip: Long press icon to change color without turning off image background
folder_icon_updated Enabled and updated existing folder icon.
api26_hide_notification ► Note Swipe right → tap ⚙ to hide this notification.

To hide \"using battery\" notifications: long press and disable the warning. The battery use is minimal, only after you install an app.
api26_add_new You have enabled auto-population in the following app clouds:

Starting with Android 8, Oreo, Google makes it mandatory for apps to show a notification while monitoring for new app installs.

{Workaround:} you can install my pre-Oreo \"helper plugin\" from the Play Store, or
api26_display_over Starting with Android 8, Oreo, Google makes it mandatory for apps to show a notification while active in the background.
api26_title Mandatory Notification
api28_hide_notification Swipe right → tap ⚙ to minimize this notification or use \"Manage notifications\" to hide it.
api26_get_helper Get Helper app
api26_how_to_hide How to hide
api26_helper_installed Helper app activated.
api26_workaround_hint Starting with Android 8, Oreo, Google removed the ability for apps to react to ringmode, charger and wifi states. When you change settings on your phone, they are now reflected on your watch with a significant delay. {Workaround:} you can install my free pre-Oreo \"helper plugin\" from the Play Store.
video Video: %s
api26_workaround Enable workaround for Android 8+ restrictions
enable_selective_ambient Reminder: enable selective ambient mode in watch face settings
noti_overflow ► Note Overflow style:
plugin_notification ► Note Dynamically add status icon bubbles to show active notifications. View, manage, filter notifications by app or content.
buy_plugin Install plugin from the Play Store
wearos_app Install WearOS component
unhide Unhide
notifications_hidden Notification bubbles are currently hidden
listener_disabled Need notification access to show icons
feature_2nd_press only single button press can be configured
set_single_press_1st Assign single press shortcut first
title_wear_contacts_killed New Google Policy:(
refresh_contacts_prompt_killed1 Bubble Cloud will lose some of its contact functionality on the watch due to <b>Google\'s new Permissions Policy</b> coming into effect in January 2019.
refresh_contacts_prompt_killed2 The recommended alternative methods don\'t work on Wear OS watches.

Please help bring this to the attention of Google developers by <b>staring the following issue</b> which I created recently:
star_issue Star issue tracker
contacts_killed Google is actively removing functionality from Android. Starting January 9, 2019 user apps are no longer allowed to request permission to access call logs.

Bubble Cloud uses <b>call logs</b> to auto-populate your contact-clouds with people you recently contacted.

Earlier my app was able to ask for your permission to get this information, but with Google\'s new policy it is no longer allowed.

Please see my website for a possible workaround
sms_killed Google is actively removing functionality from Android. Starting March 9, 2019 user apps are no longer allowed to request permission to send SMS.

Bubble Cloud needs this permission to <b>send SMS from the Contact Cloud on your watch</b>.

Earlier my app was able to request your permission to send SMS, but with Google\'s new policy we cannot even ask.

Please see my website for a possible workaround
custom_layout_hint Custom layout not recommended: cannot add bubbles dynamically
complication_on_watch Wear OS limitation: You can add/remove watch face complications only on the watch itself. Long press to edit complication bubbles on your watch.
different_mute No reminder until next update
enable_sms Send SMS from watch (via plugin)
sms_permission To send SMS from the watch, Bubble Cloud needs your permission
default_set Default set: %s
(long press again to clear)
default_cleared Default cleared
Long press number/address to clear default
(Long press to mark default)
webview_update ► Note Cannot fetch favicons: %s
Is WebView installing an update? Please try again later.
oreo_hotspot Install Oreo HotSpot Control from the Play Store (remember to also open and set it up for use)
oreo_hotspot_config Make sure to open the plugin app Oreo HotSpot Control and configure it for use!
v961_when_you_enable When you enable overlays a permanent system notification will appear on the watch. Long press the screen to remove the notification. (Don\'t press \"Open\", it only lets you turn off overlays)
v961_display_over_other_apps Display over other apps
v961_modify_system_settings Modify system settings
v961_overlay_permission Use the switch on your watch to allow Bubble Cloud to display the app drawer over other apps.

Tap the screenshot on the right to show the switches on your watch!
v964_feature_highlights Feature highlights online…
v964_charging Charging
v964_interface Interface
v964_notifications Notifications
v964_general General
v964_note_active Tap clock bubble on watch to switch active / inactive
v964_options Options
v964_brightness_control Brightness control
v964_preferences More options
v964_opening_methods Different ways to open the app drawer
v965_importing Importing…
v965_custom_components Share-code cannot include custom components (cancel to see them marked). Share using Rich-Image
v965_apply_imported <b>Check your watch</b>%s <b>Apply imported theme?</b><small>

(You can undo under %s)</small>
v965_missing_components Missing components
v965_share_code_using Share theme code using
v965_share_theme_using Share rich-image using
v965_import Import theme
v965_import_via Import theme for Bubble Cloud
v965_import_error No valid share-code found on the clipboard. <b>Tip:</b> select share-code string, then copy, or share selected text or rich-image to \"Bubble Cloud\"
v965_rich_image_warning Make sure not to recompress/resize Bubble Cloud rich-image to be able to import
v965_missing_meta_data No Bubble Cloud meta-data in image. %s.
v965_theme_body %s, or use share code: %s
v965_center Extra dial
v965_center_amb Inactive extra dial
v965_custom_seconds Custom seconds hand
v965_gauge_pointer Gauge pointer
v965_gauge_pointer_amb ► Note Inactive gauge pointer
v965_delete_custom_piece Delete custom component
v965_uniform_bubble Uniform bubbles
v965_custom_pieces Assign custom image components
feature_5_themes cannot have more than 5 custom themes
v966_button_shortcuts Button shortcuts
v966_single single press
v967_liveinfo_to_other %s. Tip: assign LiveInfo to other bubble
v967_google_fit Google Fit
widget_layout ► Note Adjust bubble weights to control their order according to numbers shown in layout thumbnails. Or use the swap tool from the toolbar.
v972_long_press_setting Long press icon for main settings
v972_long_press_rotate Long press to jump 45°
widget_animated_folder_hint ► Note If enabled: folder bubbles will also be animated when bubble animation is on.

Experimental: quicker, threaded operation, but may cause lock ups, or app opening problems (ymmv)

v975_open_in_browser Open in browser
v975_confirm_theme_bubble ► Note Create theme shortcut bubble in %s?
v975_theme_bubble_added Theme shortcut bubble %1$s added to %2$s
v975_tasker_plugin_wear_hint Activate (open/toggle) or move a Wear OS bubble
v975_activate Activate (open)
v975_toggle Toggle:
v975_move_to Move to:
v975_select_bubble Select bubble for Plugin
v975_theme_pack 📦 Theme Pack #%d
v976_which_model Which watch do you have? (Please specify make, model)
v976_hide_icon Text only (hide icon)
pro_ads Ads:
pro_wear wear settings
pro_widget widget settings
measure_instructions 99% of the launchers don\'t need this setting! (If bubbles look distorted enable \"Launcher Compatibility Mode\": every time you place or resize a widget, you will need to \"measure\" its exact\u00A0size)
measure_instructions_old If bubbles look distorted enable \"Launcher Compatibility Mode\": every time you place or resize a widget, you will need to \"measure\" its exact\u00A0size
v977_more_packs Get theme packs
v977_choose_theme Choose clock theme:
v977_custom_format Customize time/date format
v977_overlay overlay
v977_backdrop ► Note backdrop
v977_colors colors
v977_customize_components Customize components
v977_top_row top
v977_middle_row middle
v977_bottom_row bottom
v977_bold Bold:
v977_turn_off Turn off
v977_text_size Size:
v977_save_as_new Save as new theme
v977_touch_to_pick_move Touch info in bubble to move up or down
v977_must_include Must include transparency
v977_should_include Should include transparency
v977_may_include May include transparency
v977_theme_with_icon_pack Mask clock using cloud\'s icon pack
v977_no_masking Icon pack has no masking information
v977_use_clock_background_color Use clock background color
v977_move_to_fit_piece <b>Move yellow to completely cover black</b>
<small>(No light border! Only thin dark border)</small>
v977_measure_cloud No bubbles? Widget small? Wrong shape?
v977_calibrate_launcher Calibrate launcher
v977_try_this To fix, please do this:
v977_fall_back_to_remeasure If calibration did not help you can also try \"Launcher Compatibility Mode\"
v977_no_widgets No widgets
v977_autofit_widget Autofit to widget size
v977_setting_off_see \"%s\" is disabled. See %s
v977_tip_autofit (Tip: long press ✔ in widget edit bar to recalibrate)
v977_more_compatible Now compatible with almost all widget-capable launchers!
v977_new_layouts Cloud layout variants
v977_clock_intro Analog or digital
Time and/or date
Many downloadable themes
Mask to match icon pack!
v977_layouts Scattered
Circular, Grid
Alternating grid
Galaxy and more…
v977_theme_pack_warning Some features included in themes only work on Wear OS watches: digital fonts, worded time, seconds, 24-hour dials, watch face complications, archive cloud graphics, ambient mode, theme-bubbles.

These options do NOT work in the clock widget on the phone.

Continue to Play Store
v977_add_time_date_bubble Add clock / date bubble
v977_long_press_trash_can Tip: long press trash icon to remove bubble
main Main
v977_no_default_launcher No default launcher set.
Your settings will not be associated with the current launcher.

v977_tap_again_to_edit Double tap clock to edit
v977_sal_amorphous Scattered
v9778_size_changed Bubble weight was edited
v9778_hide_icons_hint We need to launch each Theme Pack app before they can be hidden. Android doesn\'t allow hiding the app icon if the app was never opened. Continue
v9778_hide_for_week_watch_ads Hide for a week (watch an ad)
v9778_hide_forever Hide forever (premium upgrade)
v9778_hide_reminder_intro Free version has yellow upgrade reminder bubbles:
v9778_hide_reminder Hide yellow bubble
v9778_not_available Problem viewing ad. Please try later.
v9778_watch_an_ad Watch an ad
v979_long_wait_icon_pack Important: allow enough time for the new icons to transfer to the watch (It can take several minutes!)
v979_no_mask %s (no mask)
v981_add_shortcut Add shortcut bubble
v981_shortcut_bubble Shortcut bubble
v984_widget_remeasure ► Note Remember to re-measure Bubble Clouds
Tip: long press ⊕ in widget tool bar
v984_location_why_weather App needs to query your coarse geolocation (=city) in the background to keep the local weather information up to date on your watch.

The information is not collected, only used to query the weather service (

v985_sms_killed Google is actively removing functionality from Android. Starting March 9, 2019 user apps are no longer allowed to request permission to send SMS.

Bubble Cloud needs this permission to <b>send SMS from the Contact Cloud on your watch</b>.

Earlier my app was able to request your permission to send SMS, but with Google\'s new policy we cannot even ask.

Please see my website for a possible workaround
v985_wifi_killed Google is actively removing functionality from Android.

Apps targeting Android 10 or newer are no longer allowed to turn wifi on or off.

Starting November 1, 2020 all apps in the Play Store have to target Android 10 or newer. Hence the Bubble Cloud app lost its ability to manage wifi.

Tap to see the website with a possible workaround
v986_getting_location Getting location
v986_loc_killed Google is actively removing functionality from Android. Starting November 1, 2020 user apps are no longer allowed to request permission to query location in the background.

Bubble Cloud needs this permission to <b>check coarse location (=city) for local weather and sunset/sunrise info on watch face</b>.

Earlier my app was able to request your permission to check location, but with Google\'s new policy we cannot even ask.

Please see my website for a possible workaround
v989_multi_line_hint ► Note ^^ = linebreak
v989_remind_resize ► Note Remind to remeasure after resize
v991_shared_more_bubble ► Note Toggle (•••) \"more\" (folder config bubble) for each folder in its settings
v992_tasker_text_field_hint ► Note Enable %1$s in %2$s → %3$s and set %4$s to \"%5$s\". For more information watch help video.
v992_tasker_text_field_title Update text fields on the watch (in favorites cloud or watch face)
v992_tasker_text_field Wear OS Text Field
v992_set_complication_on_watch Wear OS limitation: You can add/remove watch face complications only on the watch itself.%s
Continue on the watch?
v992_feature_complication_field watch face complications are limited to 1 complication bubble
v992_tasker_field0 Set content to zero-length string to hide text field
v993_default_cloud_border This cloud\'s default bubble border width: adjust or tap checkmark to apply to current bubble
v994_see_instructions See instructions online…
v994_Galaxy_Wearable ► Note Galaxy Wearable
v995_restore_needs_pro Need Pro license to restore!
v997_looks_ok_new_android There was a major Android update on your device, do Bubble Clouds still look OK?
v997_new_android New Android version
v998_active_mode ► Note Active mode
= Bubble Cloud handles touches
v998_inactive_mode Inactive mode
= Wear OS handles touches
v998_ambient_mode Ambient mode
→ enable always-on screen in Wear OS settings
v999_live_update *setting is previewed on watch
v999_bubble_size Ideal custom image size: %d × %d
v1000_privacy_policy Privacy Policy
v1000_consent Consent to access your contacts
v1000_agree Agree
v1000_permission_read_contacts You are about to add contacts to this Bubble Cloud. For this, the app needs to access your contacts.
v1000_privacy_policy_text ► Note The Bubble Cloud app:

1) accesses your contact list (contact database) to allow you to select which contact bubbles to add to your home screen widgets

2) collects, encodes, stores and transmits (uploads) your contact list information to track changes to enable the optional auto-population and cloud backup features. We will prompt for your consent every time you enable or utilize these premium features

3) all information is stored in protected device storage and transmitted securely in encrypted format.

Neither DYNA Logix nor any 3rd party uses, or will ever use any of the information mentioned above for any purpose other than the ones listed above.

For more information please click on \"Privacy Policy\" below.
v1000_see_privacy_policy Your <b>private data stays on device</b>. See <u>Privacy Policy</u>
v1002_badges ► Note Notification badges
v1002_badges_info When apps have notifications, badges appear on their bubbles
v1002_shape Shape:
v1002_position Position:
v1002_color Color:
v1002_outline Outline:
v1002_content Content:
v1002_import_overlay Import custom badge image
v1002_import_overlay_instructions Overlay image with transparency: PNG format, ideal size %d×%d, or a row of badge-variants in a single image (of width W=n×H) to indicate notification counts (n=1…10).
v1002_image_too_small Image too small (ideal size n×%d×%d)
v1002_image_too_large Image too large (ideal size n×%d×%d)
v1002_image_hw_bad_ratio Wrong height/width ratio (W=n×H, n=number of badge states)
v1002_overlay_not_transparent Overlay image must be transparent (PNG)
v1002_online_gallery Online gallery…
v1004_ongoing Ignore persistent notifications
v1004_ongoing_hint Badges will show for all notifications (including non-dismissible (\"ongoing\") notifications)
v1008_relaxed_importer ► Note Relaxed restore handler for backups
v1008_relaxed_hint Enable if you are having trouble restoring Bubble Cloud backups (Cloud import shows up for all file types, not just for ZIPs)
v1009_reset_plugin Reset plugin
v1009_reset_plugin_hint Please toggle notification access ON→OFF→ON for Notification Icons app. (Make sure the operating system is not to battery optimizing this app!)
v1009_using_cached Warning: showing cached bubble list
Connect using Wear Cloud Editor in the app to refresh the list of bubbles
v1010_permission_backup You are about to create a backup of your data stored in the app, this may include your sensitive contact list information.
v1010_permission_auto_populate When you enable auto-population, Bubble Cloud needs to create a shadow-copy of your sensitive contact list information to track changes in the background.
v1010_no_backup No consent: NO BACKUP was saved
v1010_consent Consent to transmit your data
v1011_resync Notifications were re-synced with the watch
v1011_show_blank Blank preview text if no notifications
v1011_show_blank_hint Notification Preview complication blank or shows \"No notifications\"
v1015_resize_lock ► Note Widget size lock (✏ before resize)
v1015_resize_lock_title Widget resize lock
v1015_resize_lock_reminder Disable option <b>Widget resize lock</b> before chaning <b>grid or resolution</b>
v1015_resize_lock_hint Distorted bubbles after playing full screen video on Samsung? Try the resize lock:
v1015_resize_lock_zconfirm Lock to avoid OneUI 5 widget distortion bug.

When locked, widgets can only be resized <b>in edit mode</b> (when toolbar shows after tapping ✏ pencil).

Invoke edit mode also before changing <b>display resolution</b> and <b>home screen grid</b> as well!

Lock widgets?
v1016_randomize Random rotation after clicks
v1018_note Note: to assign complication providers long press the arcs on your watch (Wear OS limitation)
v1018_arc_color_title %2$s
%1$s arc / color %3$d
v1018_ambient_hint \u00A0= Ambient mode colors
v1018_tap_to_install Tap to install
v1018_phone_battery Phone battery
v1018_online_help Online help…
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