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There is a comprehensive troubleshooting section in the video, watch it here:

Bubble Cloud Widgets relies heavily on the exact size of the container widget. This unfortunately is not always reported correctly by launchers.

This is why the app now includes the…

Where you can set the size, we don’t need to rely on the launchers (see how-to video: )
1. Start the app “Bubble Cloud Settings”
2. Scroll down to the the card “Launcher tweaks”
3. Enable “Launcher Compatibility Mode”
4. Exit settings
5. Click on your widget → the red/green corner bubbles float on screen*
6. Drag the white/gray arrow pad if it’s in the way
7. Align the red bubble with the red marker in the upper right corner
8. Use the gray arrows to make the red circle perfectly flush (no gaps)
9. Do the same with the green in the lower left
10.Press the yellow checkmark in the center of the widget to finish

*dropzone access needs to be enabled on Huawei phones: Phone Manager / Settings (icon in upper right) / toolbox / dropzone management

This needs to be carried out with all of your widgets. Alternatively you can set up the Advanced parameters which translate the values reported by the Advanced Settings (see below)

►We have to be very very precise when we mark the corners using the “measure” tool. A few pixels off can cause distortions
►If you measure once, the app will remember it, so after a few measurements it will learn to translate launcher-reported widget sizes to real sizes
►What this means on the other hand: if you accidentally add an incorrect measurement, it will remember that too
→ but you can re-measure. This is how:
1. Press pencil and (+) to access widget settings
2. Click on the command “Distorted? Re-measure widget” in the “Could Properties” card
→ the corner markers will appear, the widget switches to “measure mode”
3. To re-measure the Bookmark cloud widget, click on the red/green measure bubbles in the “Launcher tweaks” card.

1. In the “Launcher tweaks” card, click on the blue break-out pin (you can navigate to the home screen with your cloud)
2. Turn off “Compatibility mode” if you are going to use the advanced values.
3. Set Resize factor to suggested value (use the gray “/X.0” button)
4. Look at the Bubble cloud, adjust the “Resize factor”
►If bubbles still don’t show, or they appear far apart press minus [-]
►If bubbles overlap, increase gap by pressing plus [+]
5. Adjust padding if bubbles don’t appear perfectly circular
see how-to video:

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3rd party launchers tend to violate a few Android standards, making it difficult for some widgets (including BCW) to be displayed correctly:
► widget size should be returned in device independent points, but LL returns them in regular pixels, which mean 1.5x 2.0x or 3.0x larger dimensions depending on the screen pixel density of the device.  It’s reported correctly only on the oldest devices (where the multiplier is 1.0x)
► applies widget padding by default but doesn’t correct the reported widget size by the padding amount

►LG G3 stock launcher: compatibility mode doesn’t help (we are working on a fix), you need to set Scale=*1.1, PadX,Y=0, Increase spacing

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