If Bubble Cloud home screen widgets disappear

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If you are using a 3rd party launcher please check if other widgets work reliably. Some launchers allow you to place widgets, but they don’t fully comply with Android standards.
I usually recommend Nova Launcher, even the free version is very good:
You can download Nova Launcher from the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teslacoilsw.launcher
If you were able to place a widget, but it later disappears (you get a blank widget), here are a few things you can try (recommended order):
  1. Reboot the phone: often this is enough for the widgets to appear
  2. Go into the app, and press the “Force redraw all widgets” button:
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  3. If you phone’s operating system was updated recently, try enabling the new option “Autofit to widget size” (Under launcher tweaks)

    If bubbles appear, but they appear distorted, please follow these steps.
  4. Try long pressing the area where the widget is supposed to be, if the resize dots appear, try to resize the widget. If the widget appears after resizing, try to look for an option related to widget updates. Maybe the launcher fails to update the widget.
  5. Check if the widgets show up in the “Widgets + Folders” list:
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    If they do, you can long press the blank widgets on your home screens (in the launcher) and drag them to remove them)When the clouds are removed you will be prompted to save the bubbles. Always reply “Save orphan”
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    This way you will be able to restore them.Finally to restore, simply create new widgets on the home screen, and when you tap to add bubbles, you will be given a list of saved widgets you can restore to them:
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  6. If the “Widgets + Folders” list is empty (did you do a “Clear Data” on Bubble Clouds?) your only chance is if you backed up your widgets. Then you should be able to restore them. You might have saved your widgets when you last switched phones. So they could be in your Google Drive. Please refer to this video on how to backup / restore widgets from Google Drive:
    (the restore part starts at 4:00)

Email developer

If neither of these points helped, feel free to email me at bcwhelp@gmail.com I am always happy to help: I respond to every email quickly!

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