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There are two ways to add steps:
  • using standard Wear OS watch face complications
  • using Bubble Cloud’s own “Live Info” bubbles

Watch face complications

Use Wear OS’s built in step count watch face complication, which shows you the arbitrary last digits:

Your watch might have the Step Count under Google Fit / Stats (instead of General / Step count)
For more information about watch face complications in Bubble Cloud:

Live Info bubbles

You can assign “live info” to the apps on your watch face. Instead of the standard icon, your workout app bubble can show the current step count (4.2K for 4200 steps):

Long press the bubble which you would like to show the date (instead of its icon). Then scroll up on the Bubble Edit screen to the “Assign Live info” section, and select the “steps” info.

For more information on Live Info bubbles see:
The step count Live info bubble can change color based on your daily steps goal. You can change the steps goal  (10,000 steps by default) from the Wear Cloud Editor on your phone:
The step count Live Info bubble can also turn blue when you haven’t stood up for a while, this requires the separate Stand Up Alert plugin app: Wear Stand Up Alert

Live Info vs Complications

Watch face complications only work if you set Bubble Cloud as your active watch face. You can use Bubble Cloud with a different launcher in app drawer mode. Only the active watch face has access to watch face complications, but Bubble Cloud’s own Live Info is still avaiable.

Thank you Duane Swift for the question

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