Version 8.21: Override swipe-to-change-face + Notification count LiveInfo

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Version 8.21 → Play Store
Slow roll-out: if you want it right away, join the beta test:
1:37 New LiveInfo: Notification count (unread / total)
0:00 New “expert” option: Override swipe-to-change-face
► Lock bubble improvements

► fixed lock ups when animation is disabled for watch-face
► fixed USSD# code dialing (homescreen widget+watch)
► improved “What’s new” screen
► optimized complication updates when using theme fonts
► improved detection of non-android-wear watches
► fixed a rare phone battery related crash affecting a few
► battery and step count hollow bubble colors corrected
► will no longer open settings after switching away from bubble cloud watchface (only the very first time)
► will no longer open the wrong settings after switching between watchface and app drawer modes
► fixed crash while editing a bubble on watch
► added a few more default wear icon assignments

► Hold Bubble Clouds in face picker to move to 1st place
► In Expert options: enable “Override swipe-to-change-face”
► Swiping right even on the inactive watchface will no longer change face
► Swiping right will not only switch to active watch-face but it will scroll into the app drawer too (Android Wear 1.x too!)
► When swipe is overridden right-to-left swipes will no longer switch to inactive watchface
(Watch video for demo and explanation)

► updated all the icons to more minimal look
► added hollow icons
► added special “+” icons for auto-lock (long press)
► made lock icons 15% smaller in bubble
► fine tuned ambient lock colors
► fixed lock bubble display issue in Wear Cloud Editor
► fixed issue when auto-lock was enabled before showing hidden bubbles (when hidden are shown long pressing lock, clock will edit them)

You can now have the notification count as live info:
► assign LiveInfo to any app
► tap bubble to open app (save space on your watch face)
► tap (+i) in Wear Cloud Editor on watch to assign
► or long press any bubble on watch to assign to it
► you can still add unread count watchface complication
Note: this LiveInfo is not available in app-drawer mode!

Choose to show:
► total number of notifications
► number of unread notifications (same as complication)
► combined unread / total

► 0 unread: green
► 1 unread: yellow
► 2 unread: light orange
► 6 unread (or more): red
see 2:42

Thank you +Joseph Rubin for all the usability and consistency control!


Detailed change log:

As you can see, the app is being developed actively. If you find any bugs or crashes, please contact me so I can fix as soon as possible.

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