v8.22 → Play “bugfixes and improvements”

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v8.22 → Play “bugfixes and improvements”
► Peek bubbles off by default
► Expert option on watch to add “Show/Hide app-drawer/clock” launcher icon (which can be assigned to secondary hardware buttons – e.g. ZenWatch 3, HuaweiWatch 2)
► Improved grouping, wording of expert options on watch
► “Override swipe-to-change-face” option is now available in the settings on the phone (Watch face / Expert)
► Few expert settings were not backed up and restored to the watch (retain last complication background, peek bubbles, override-swipe, show/hide icon)
► Many expert settings were sent twice
► Rare crash while asking for permissions on watch
► Rare crash while adding a complication to watch face

The screenshots below show (mostly) the default settings in watch-face mode

Author: greg

the dev