Expert cloud properties

Cloud stats Hide pencil (double tap to edit) Petal options (Smart home bubbles) Show bubble labels Show widget name Bubble animation Margin Rounded corner radius (Folders only) Max number of bubbles Size variance

Add Tasker bubble

See also Tasker bubbles

Add bubble folder

See also Folder bubbles

Change bubble action (Contact cloud)

Petal options System contact screen Dial / Call / Text / E-mail / WhatsApp

Change icon pack (App cloud)

Finding icon packs Changing border / background transparency Apply icon pack See: How to apply icon packs on the watch

Add bubbles

Automatic bubble colors Using the item grid Add/remove items Edit items in place Filter by Play Store category (App cloud) Filter by contact groups Filter by call log Add multiple items…

Basic cloud properties

Cloud name Cloud background color / transparency Freeze sizes Delete dwarfs Auto-populate Re-measure widget