Lock bubble positions (freeze cloud)

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Background image provider (large image complication)

You can set Bubble Cloud watchface background to update automatically

Color by minute

Here’s a fun option:  the background color of the watchface will change its color along the rainbow according to the minutes of the hour: ►:00 blue ►:10 cyan ►:20 green…

Transparent image + color

Background image

Theme pack Custom image See also: Color behind transparent image

Background color

Favorite cloud Archive cloud Folder See also: Color behind transparent image Color by the minute

Bubble styles

There are 5 kinds of bubbles in Bubble Clouds: Filled (color) bubbles   Hollow bubbles   No bubbles (icons only)   Themed bubbles (only in the favorite cloud = watch…

Full screen clock

Watch face mode

Merge favorites into archive

App drawer mode

Archive pagination

Merge smaller clouds See Paginated layouts

Bubble text and labels

Text in bubbles Text color Archive cloud: Sorting(Archive + folder only) Labels (Archive + folder only)

Space/size parameters

Variance Margin Spacing

Paginated layouts

For folders and archive cloud: Round Square Galaxy Corners

Archive-only layouts

Vari-columnar Uni-columnar Diagonal

Favorites-only layouts

Custom Off center Split Round split Clock

Grid layout

Amorphous layout