Background image provider (large image complication)

Background image provider (large image complication)

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Watch face complication, can only be set on watch

I added support for WearOS background providers:  you can set Bubble Cloud watchface background to update automatically:

  • Moon phase (app: Moonly)
  • Weather (app: WeatherChannel)
  • Now Playing album art
  • etc

Configure it on the watch:

  • Bottom of the favorites cloud settings: a 4th background type has been added. Tap the ⊕ option to select image provider.
  • Alternatively you can select a large image provider using the main ⊕COMPLICATION button
  • Help video:


The smart refresh technique monitors the value displayed in complications and lowers update/refresh frequency for complications showing static or slowly changing content. (Self-updating complications will still be refreshed instantaneously.) Eliminating 14 out of 15 ambient refresh cycles and 4+ out of 5+ active* refresh cycles improves battery life significantly.

* depends on actual screen timeout

World Cup Flags background image complication provider

  • There is no phone app, install it from the Play Store on the watch (or using the web version of Google Play)
  • Search for “World cup background” in the Play Store on the watch, or look under “Add complications” in Bubble Clouds → see video
  • But it should also work well with any other watch face that allows you to set the background color using external complication providers


You can set brightness and contrast before AND after the background is set

  • If you haven’t set a background yet, it takes you directly to the background complication part of Bubble Cloud
  • After setting a background, use the launcher icon to fine tune the background’s brightness and contrast
  • This also works with other watch faces, in fact the app saves your flag selection and preferred settings for each watch face separately
  • Trick: some watch faces don’t update the background image after you adjust the brightness/contrast: you can force them to update by switching to a different watch face and back. (this is not necessary with Bubble Clouds of course)


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