Widgets + Folders

Creating folders Deleting folders Exporting clouds Importing clouds

Contact bubble cloud

Contact clouds [Premium] Bubble action for the cloud Auto-population

Bookmark bubble cloud

There can only be one Bookmark bubble cloud (but you can add bookmarks to any other type of clouds) Bookmark cloud configuration  

App bubble clouds

Creating App Bubble Cloud widgets and folders Auto-population Updating the bubble colors or icon pack used for the cloud

Folder bubbles

Adding folders to other clouds (home screen widgets or other folders) Changing the appearance of folder bubbles    

Tasker bubbles

Adding Tasker bubbles Editing Tasker bubbles Changing Tasker bubbles via the Tasker plugin

Smart Home control bubbles

Creating smart home control bubbles HTTP command types (GET vs POST) Editing smart home control bubbles Toggle fields and Petal options Reuse commands Search and replace command parts

Contact bubbles

Adding contact bubbles Editing contact bubbles Filtering by contact groups Auto-populate contact clouds Filter by call log Contact images vs. initials Petal options

Bookmark bubbles

Adding bookmark bubbles Moving bookmark bubbles Bookmark bubble cloud (there can only be one)

App bubbles

Apps installed on your phone Deleted apps Inner activities Filter by Play Store categories. Auto populate app clouds. App icons + icon packs Editing App icons

Change folder position on screen

Double tap an empty area of a pop-up cloud (i.e. bubble cloud folder) to toggle the caption bar. You can drag the cloud by the caption bar on its top…

Modifying folders

Double tap an empty area of a pop-up cloud (i.e. bubble cloud folder) to toggle the caption bar. Tap the pencil icon in the caption bar to edit the cloud:…

Creating folders

There are 2 ways to create Bubble Cloud Folders (a.k.a. “pop-up clouds”): use the FAB (floating action button) in the Widgets+Folders screen drag the folder shortcut to your home screen…

‘Measuring’ widgets

The widget system has been part of Android since the early versions of the operating system. In fact, the widget interface was not updated or improved since Android 4.0. There…

Restoring widgets

When you create a new home screen widget, you will be prompted how you want to fill it with bubbles: start from scratch (will let you add apps or contacts,…

Deleting widgets (orphan clouds)

When you delete a home screen widget you will be prompted to save the bubbles in it: you can save the complete “orphaned bubble cloud” for later use move the…

Partially compatible launchers

You will not find many other widgets similar to Bubble Clouds, which can change their appearance as bubbles are added or moved around or the widget size is changed. But to be able to…

Moving and resizing widgets

Re-measure clouds Launcher compatibility mode Bubble Animation, petal options