Connection issues for generation 1 watches (Android Wear 1.5)

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I still have a Generation 1 watch (a Moto 360), which I regularly test my app with.

Troubleshooting connectivity

Please see my post “Fixing Connection Problems” for general troubleshooting for connectivity issues.

The newest version Wear OS has trouble transferring the Android Wear component to the watch. Because of a November policy change, Google no longer allows me to publish the updates of Bubble Cloud which is targeted at older watches. Starting November 1 only the encapsulated version could be “smuggled” in, but it seems the newest version of Google’s Wear OS app doesn’t transfer it any more. The phone and watch components of Bubble Cloud have trouble communicating because your watch has a much older version (9.42) than your phone (9.5x or higher).  Version 9.5x for your watch is encapsulated inside the phone APK, but it no longer seems to be transferred to the watch by the new version of Google’s Wear OS app.
You can read more about the  background of this whole situation on my website:
Unfortunately Google seems to force us, developers to abandon support of gen 1 watches :(((
Better news

For the time being, we still might have one last workaround: on my test device (Moto 360 gen 1) I was still able to install the newest version by downgrading the Wear OS app on my phone to an older version, which still supports encapsulated Android Wear components. You will need to uninstall the current version and get the oldest version which can still be installed from APK Mirror (2.10 or 2.14?):

After downgrading WearOS you might need to install my app again. Sometimes a new update to my app can also trigger WearOS to transfer the encapsulated component. I publish a new Beta versions more frequently, if you don’t succeed with the production version, please join the beta test and soon a newer subversion will become available, which will hopefully install on your watch.

Just wait: it will eventually fix itself

You might not need to do anything special, others with older watches have recently reported success just by waiting half a day… I am extremely sorry and ashamed of the mess Google is making of the Android Wear / Wear OS scene 🙁

Please understand  I am doing what I can, but this is mostly out of my control at this point.

Thank you for your patience!

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Install watch component manually

If you are familiar with ADB commands, you can install the watch component manually. I will always post the newest APKs here (generated and uploaded automatically with each Play Store release):

Latest production release: Latest beta release: (make sure to have the beta version on your phone too!)

Here is an article on sideloading Android Wear apps:

In summary, here are the general steps to sideload the app to your watch:

  1. On a Windows PC, laptop or Mac download the free Minimal ADB and Fastboot tool from here. Install the software.
  2. Download the APK file using the buttons above (the file name will be wear1.apk or wear1beta.apk)
  3. Copy the APK file into the folder where ADB.EXE is installed (for example c:\androidSDK\platform-tools)
  4. Connect your watch via USB
  5. Open command prompt and using CD navigate to the folder where ADB.EXE is installed then issue the ADB command:
cd \androidSDK\platform-tools
adb install wear1.apk

If you are successful, please use the comment section below (Disqus) to help others. Thank you!

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