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►Mixed bubble clouds widgets!!! (HOW: you can now pick a receiving cloud after you remove a widget → and it can be of any kind!) see http://goo.gl/v7A4Lr
►WEAR: New toggle bubble on the watch: WIFI (needs some extra app-permissions)
►WEAR+Widget: Lots of tweaks on the bubble forming algorithm, which produces nicer shaped clouds with less floating point operations (quicker, battery friendlier)
►Improved ways to dismiss Find-My-Phone signals: touch the screen anywhere or simply pick up the phone!
►Attempt to fix Ring-mode bug on Lollipop (Please ★ this issue tracker: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=78652)
►App search filter checks against package name too (good for searches of apps by one company such as “google”)

Author: greg

the dev