BACKUP / RESTORE clouds and settings

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0:00 Widgets + Folders screen
2:00 Creating and deleting folders
2:37 Backup widgets to Google Drive (export from old phone)
4:00 Restoring saved widgets and folders (import to new phone)
6:22 Backup widget preferences
6:55 Backup Android Wear settings and bubbles to Drive (switch phone)
8:48 Restoring Android Wear settings from Google Drive (switch watch)
10:43 Duplicating widgets or folders using cloud share


Google changed Google Drive, now you have to use the rightmost folder icon to see your folder structure with the backup files (1).

After you find the backup [zip] file in Google Drive (2), make sure to pick the option “Send a copy” (3) to be able to import [using “Bubble Cloud Import”] (4)



If the “Import Bubble Cloud” share target does not appear for Bubble Cloud ZIP files, enable the new option “Relaxed restore handler for backups” under:

  • Widget Preferences → Expert → Preferences
  • Wear OS → More options

See also

v10.08.4: Fixed – Google Drive update broke backup

Author: greg

the dev