Blank app drawer page issue

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when you open the Bubble Cloud app drawer, there is an empty page (you have to swipe to get to your bubbles in the archive cloud)

Settings causing this

  1. All bubbles are removed from the favorite cloud
  2. The setting “One merged cloud” enabled:
This combination of settings triggers the so called “veil mode” to turn on, which is a workaround to dim the ambient mode of other watch faces:

Fix: turn off veil mode

  1. long press the icon on top of the brightness bar:
  2. the bar switches to “dimming veil mode” transparency control:
  3. Drag the bar all the way to the bottom turn turn off “veil mode”:
  4. Long press on the icon again to switch back to brightness control

Alternatively, the same settings on the phone

Set the favorite background color to fully transparent (all the way down)

Thank you to Induna Crewneck for reporting the issue!

Author: greg

the dev