Do Bubble Clouds feel slow on your watch?

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Here are a couple things you can do to speed it up:

► Your watch is slow after you install an app. Please don’t rely on first impression, it will get much quicker. I write about it in this post: [Connection problems]

► Updated opening animation: I updated the app opening animation in v4.7x, it should be much much more fluid (and more fun looking) than simply magnifying the screen.

► The zoom animation may appear slow, but in watchface mode it only lasts as long as the app you clicked is loading. Bubble Cloud monitors the loading process and does a quick crossfade when the app you started is ready. Please watch the short video below you can see: small apps (e.g. Step counter) open quicker, the zoom animation is shown for maybe a second. Bigger apps (such as Settings, Maps, Music) may open slower, so you will see the zoom animation for a longer 2-3 seconds. Watch from 3:54

► If used as app-drawer, please disable app-opening-animation (it should be off by default). In this mode, there is no way for Bubble Cloud to detect when the app you started had finished loading, so it will show the animation always for 3 seconds, which DOES FEEL SLOW.

► Sticky open mode waits for double tap: Did you know you can double tap icons to open apps in Sticky Open mode? The app will then keep returning to the foreground when you wake the watch. You can eliminate the 500ms “lag” by turning off Sticky open mode in the Expert settings section both on the watch and on the phone. See [Sticky open]

► If you have two launchers on the watch, it will slow down. Please disable other launchers while using Bubble Clouds, they have similar functions anyway.

► Installation is slow – it might take a long time for the watch component to appear on your smartwatch after you installed the app. Sorry, but I have no control over this: this is a big, complex app, transfer is done via slow Bluetooth. ART precompilation takes long for the tiny CPU of the watch. For more info on this topic please see [Installing Bubble Clouds]

More on the app opening animation in our XDA thread:

Author: greg

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