Me again…

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Me again…

Nearly last comments…

– screenshot from Android Wear didn’t work after 5 hrs idle. Pressing lock then unlock seemed to fix it. Turning off bluetooth and back on didn’t fix it.
I will let it idle again to see if it has anything to do with BC.

– lock is slightly discolored as you noted. Started 3.18 installed

– A save restore feature would be nice for watchface.
The problem is 1) I must remember where the png files are, 2) Selecting the watch face capture circle from the png is not recreatable. I spend at least a minute getting it right.

Without a save and restore the effort to build a nice face should be low. Ie the face should only be “capture a new smile and put it there” (which is fine.)

I’m going to backup the entire apk to save it.

Author: Gary Deen