New version 2.60 Has been uploaded to the Play Store

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New version 2.60 Has been uploaded to the Play Store
I made a new instructional video for the Cloud Editor please watch it
What’s new?
►New: Watch-face lock bubble → tap to lock/unlock, long tap to toggle auto mode (color: yellow)
►Much requested: always hollow option added
►burn in prevention is now explicitly toggleable (careful: off by default! – not needed on Moto360 & SonySW3 = more than 50% of all watches)
►new option: opaque (solid) peek cards (just as with the card size, you need to re-select the watch face for the option the take effect)
►Wear App Launcher card in settings got a facelift → hopefully easier to understand options for appearance / ambient mode
►At the same time “Wear App Launcher” got split into 2 cards (“Watchface launcher” now separate) → some of the options got rearranged too
►Added more tips to the Cloud Editor help + link to new video
►Stability improvements in weather update
►watch screen now turns on, and keeps on continuously while you are in the Cloud Editor on the phone (Remember: you can tap the sync icon to hasten update, you don’t need to wait 10s after every change!)
►Wear clouds are automatically frozen if size of the bubbles were adjusted in the cloud editor (of course you can still unfreeze them)
►Oliver Lüscher updated the German translation → Thank you!
►Improved the look of hollow / no bubbles clouds
►Fixed some issues with the ambient screen (it’s not a trivial problem: I will keep improving it)
►Settings icon resolution increased
►Fixed crash when trying to change color before icons are loaded

Author: greg

the dev