New version 5.34 in the Play Store:

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New version 5.34 in the Play Store:
►New smart auto layout specifically for square watches
►Will not install on SD-card: widgets only work if in internal
►Added subtitles to the product video: en, es, pt, it, fr
►New intro screens for Android Wear users too

Most layouts (including the new square layout) can be adjusted with the size variance slider. Try it!

You can turn off the subtitles. I have added simple English and machine translated it to:
I found these translations to be the most usable if the source text is simple enough. I really hope this will cool the anger of non-english speakers who bombard the app with 1-stars because the video is not in their language. I am sorry, but I am happy I learned enough English to make a video, I can’t speak anything else (other than my native Hungarian 🙁

As always if you like the app and the progress please support the project with a 5-star rating. In this system the voice of the complainers is 5 times stronger 🙁 Thank you!

Author: greg

the dev