Release candidate#2 :-) v5.71 → Play

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Release candidate#2 🙂 v5.71 → Play
Turns out I introduced a few bugs with the app list optimization. Now hopefully all fixed, and it is almost instantaneous even with large icon packs and 500+ apps installed
►fixed issue when exiting cloud configuration screen
►fixed issue with bubble folder screen rotation
►fixed folder window size not updating after deleting all bubbles
►fixed issue with folders not updating on dwarf bubble deletion
►fixed issue with icon pack icons not showing in cloud configuration screen when ordered alphabetically
►fixed timing issue causing the app list not to appear in the cloud config screen
►fixed layout problems caused by new icons on the watch 

If you have a few minutes, please check this app list and other parts related to widgets, folders and cloud configuration. Please report any issues you find.

I hope to release this in a few hours after it shows up in the Play Store.

Author: greg

the dev