Sneak peek: Widget manager

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Sneak peek: Widget manager
►modify using the (+)
►select and remove or save to “cloud” (Drive, dropbox etc.)

 It lists all your 
►orphaned (removed but saved) widgets, 
►and imported clouds

All widget settings, bubble images and sizes, colors etc are saved in a proprietary zip file, which can be “shared/sent” to any cloud backup service.

There is a button in the Widget Preferenes card which will let you save the default settings to a similar zip file, also sharable to the cloud storage.

There is a new menu item in the Wear Cloud Editor which will allow you to save the wear clouds, layouts, images, settings, contacts etc. to a similar zip file, also sharable to cloud storage.

Restoring saved information is done by sharing the same files from the corresponding cloud storage service to Bubble Clouds. In my experience Drive lets us select and send multiple files, while some other services like DropBox only seem to be able to do it one at a time…

I picked this solution because it gives the most flexibility in the Android share/send functions without the need of specific interfaces with cloud storage systems.

More on this soon…
Beta within a few more days…

Author: greg

the dev