Turn off highest res icons if your icons appear misaligned.

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Turn off highest res icons if your icons appear misaligned. 
On the other hand, using an icon pack should give you a much better aesthetics. 

Imagery in Android apps come in different resolutions. Every app includes 4-5 versions of its launcher icon, different pixel sizes: 48×48, 72×72, 96×96, 144×144. The newest apps even provide their launcher icons in 192×192 res.

Normally, your device’s screen resolution determines which of these icon versions are used. Since bubbles can get much bigger than regular icons, I made my app to always request the highest resolution version of launcher icons.

Some variations of Android change the way icons are handled in order to change app icons for their specific look. Unfortunately one of the bigger makers, Huawei is doing this too.  The problem is not just that they interfere with the launcher icons apps provide, but that they do it in a very restricted/limited manner. No matter how high resolution the different apps installed on Huawei phones would be able to provide their launcher icons, the Huawei system will downgrade them to the system resolution (and apply filters and other transformations to make them look similar to iPhone icons). 

Because of this, the “Use highest resolution icons” option (which is enabled by default for best visual appearance) needs to be turned off on such devices. 

The whole problem doesn’t present itself if we use icon packs. Some of the cheap and free icon packs only have lower resolution icons, but the best icon packs come with icons up to the 192×192 resolution. This is partly the reason why I recommend the Vertumus and Stealthychief icon packs, though many others also contain icons of this highest resolution.

After toggling the above mentioned option, or switching icon packs, we should of course refresh the icons in the widgets.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this (or please correct me if you have a deeper knowledge or experience with icons and icon packs).

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