v4.18beta in the Play Store

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v4.18beta in the Play Store
►WIDGETS: Bubble animation – opening transition! see video
►Improved widget measurement process

Android doesn’t provide positional information for widgets. For animation to work precisely (bubbles to grow from where they are in the cloud), each widget’s exact position will need to be “measured”.

Measuring Widgets: This is done using the already known corner markers, which were used in the launcher compatibility mode (shown in the video below). Once the widget is measured, you will be able to set the Animation length (i.e. speed control). You will want to make the transition long enough for all the items in the cloud to load.

Re-measurements: animation will be disabled for the cloud if you resize the widget. You will have to mark the corners again before you can turn it on again.

Animation: When animation is turned on, when bubbles are touched to open, they will start to grow until they fill the screen. At the end the animation fades back to the running app.

Bubble Cloud Settings: if you have a bubble to open the Bubble Cloud itself, it will not animate (it would be too choppy).

Animation length setting: Each cloud has its own animation length, and there is a default setting in the Bubble Cloud Settings app. The setting you apply here will be used for the Bookmark clouds and as default value for newly created widgets.  

Bookmark cloud: Turning on animation for the bookmarks widget is tricky, because there is no Cloud Configuration screen for the bookmarks (the defaults apply to it). You will have to adjust  the default animation length value, then turn animation on for an app or contact widget, but when the app takes you to the widget you turned it on for, switch to the bookmark cloud, and measure its size instead. Animation will be enabled for the bookmarks using the default speed. Then you can go ahead and repeat turning on the other clouds, this time measuring them. This is not the most logical way, I am working on simplifying it 🙂

Bubble opening animation is a new feature, it has not been thoroughly tested, and has performance issues. Try at your own risk!

Author: greg

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