v4.19beta in the Play Store

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v4.19beta in the Play Store
►New “Advanced” settings card in Cloud Configuration: moved some of the settings there (see screenshot)
►”Restore defaults” button in “Advanced settings” card and on “Widget preferences”
►New parameter: “Cloud size limit” (maximum number of bubbles in a cloud) (previously fixed maximum was 47)
►Changed the way “delete dwarfs” works: now it will only delete the necessary number of dwarfs when the cloud size limit is reached
►improved most seekbars to show selected value while dragged
►improved variance control: now it controls how many different sizes of bubbles you will have in a cloud (5-10)
►delete dwarfs is enabled by default [again]
►first time on the Cloud Configuration screen → scrolls to show Advanced card
►youtube video tutorial for Advanced Configuration card on how to set up bubble opening animation
►improved license checking (unnecessary “Premium features enabled” messages)
WEAR component:
►bugfix brings back “full screen clock” icon (didn’t show earlier)
►eliminated some hidden bugs for more optimized operation

With so many additional cloud parameters the Cloud Configuration screen became too intimidating, so I simplified the top “Cloud properties” card again, to include only the most basic settings, and moved all the hard-core tweaks into this “Advanced” card (at the bottom).
►Comes with some useful stats: how many bubbles you have in the cloud and what have you set the limit to.
►Cloud size limit: the previous “delete all 20 times smaller bubbles” was not very practical: more often than not it erased over half of your cloud when 2 or 3 bubbles happened to be used much more frequently than others. These would “race” to grow into giants and if Delete dwarfs were enabled, they got eliminated. With the number limit you can control the contents of your clouds much better. When the cloud gets “full” (bubble count reaches the limit), only one of the smallest bubbles will be removed, and only when a new one is to be added to the cloud.  You can still turn “Delete dwarfs” off, then no more bubbles can be added to “full clouds”.
►Size variance: I could write a whole paper on the new algorithm, but basically the aim now is to have approximately equal number of  bubbles of each size, with a little bias towards having different sized large bubbles.  The variance value can now be changed between 5-10, 5 producing five different sizes, with the least difference between them, and 10 giving you the most variety in size and the biggest difference in size ratio.
►Animation time: having played with the widgets for a few days I found shorter (quicker) animations feel nicer, so I changed the default to 1.2sec (adjustable in the Bubble Cloud Settings → Widget Preferences card)
►Finally: the “Restore defaults” button also aims to make it safer for newcomers to experiment with the Advanced parameters. It sets it back to the values selected in the Bubble Cloud Settings → Widget Preferences card (which in turn also has a “Restore defaults” button, which lets you clear your changes there too)

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