v4.28 In the Play Store

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v4.28 In the Play Store
Another bugfix release with smaller (but important!) changes
►moved two menu items to cloud configuration bubble (see image)*
►WEAR bug fixed: uninstalled app on manually arranged layout → all bubbles disappeared → fixed
►Tasker warning displayed if “External access” not activated
►animation improvements (bubble grows larger in longer animations ~ animation feels quicker)
►need to measure full screen widgets too (approximation was imprecise)
►fixed various random problems with measure mode
►you can now manually pick the border color for photo contact bubbles too

*The two options (previously hidden in the menu)
►Automatic bubble colors: enabled by default, bubble colors are set automatically by the app (by sampling the icon colors!) If you clear this option, you will be prompted for the color of the bubble when you tap on the icons to add them to the cloud.  
►Edit after add: disabled by default. When enabled the Bubble Edit dialog will pop up after you add each bubble to the cloud. In the bubble edit screen you can change the size, pick a different icon, or even delete the bubble from the cloud if you change your mind.
These options have no effect when bulk-adding icons using the +++ button.

Author: greg

the dev