v4.45/6/7beta → in the Play Store

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v4.45/6/7beta → in the Play Store
►Stand-up reminders!
►link to delete saved widgets from the restore dialog
►v4.47 = improved stand-up detection logic, optimized battery
►v4.46 = bug fix

►how frequently you want reminders
►the minimum movement limit
►exclude the night hours
►(the time the watch is on charger is automatically excluded)

When the reminder is triggered:
►the step count bubble turns blue
►the watch can be set to vibrate (adjust strength / length)
►you can be presented with a notification (which supposed to go away if you move enough 😉

My Moto360 counts a few steps even when I am sitting at my desk. Because of this a baseline step-count is displayed for reference, set your steps limit higher than this.

Author: greg

the dev