v5.01 being submitted to the Play Store

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v5.01 being submitted to the Play Store
Some pretty big changes — which on the other hand don’t very much affect existing users — and more tiny ones:
►New license system (more on this below)
►Archive cloud smart-auto-layouts become a Premium feature
►Premium version screen changed (see image)
►Before you upgrade / Android Wear related section includes mentions of non-compatibile Galaxy Gears
►Changed the primary use selector screen (see image)
►Added a note to the rating request screen to press back to cancel the dialog
►Added a note to the Apply icon pack dialog if hollow bubbles are being used (icon packs don’t affect them) +Caleb Schlossin 
►Added translations to various new parts of the app

I knew I had to do this for a long time, finally I stopped putting it off. It was not right to have the same price for both parts of the app. I wanted to reduce the price of the widgets, and I feel I could increase the price of the Wear Launcher. The new separated licenses allow for these.

I didn’t want to do this half heartedly, the part where users support the development finacially has to be one of the most robust and most clear. I am open to your ideas for improvements, but this is the design I came up with now (see images attached)

The prices in short:
►home screen widgets = $2
►android wear launcher = $3
►combined license (widgets + wear) = $4

Important: current premium users own the combined license!

Nothing changes for you…

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