v5.03beta release candidate submitted to Play

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v5.03beta release candidate submitted to Play
Just bug fixes and clarifications
►fixed Smart-Auto-Layout / Custom layout selection (it will only take you to Layout Designer if you never created a custom layout before)
►display message in the Tasker bubble edit dialog, if “external access” is not enabled in Tasker (instead of Toast in earlier versions)
►fixed app crash if “external access” is not enabled in Tasker when “Save” or “Open Tasker” was pressed
►display message on welcome screen if smartwatch is selected, but Android Wear app is not installed (Gear S2???)
►display additional help info in Widgets How-to window if newest Samsung phones are used with the stock TouchWiz to keep grid size at 4×4
►fixed display of Tasker bubbles in the Bubble Cloud Editor list if icon from pack is used for bubble image
►new “Purchase status:” row in Premium Versions table, shows checkmark for purchased upgrades, buttons for upgrades which are still available

You can theme any of the standard symbols (which are listed if “no icon pack” is selected):
1. Set the background color to full transparent
2. Tap icon to change its image
3. Select “No icon pack”
4. Pick the symbol
5. Save the bubble
6. Re-open the bubble editing dialog
7. Tap the icon again to change its image
8. Select the icon pack you want
9. The first item in the list will be the themed symbol!

Be sure to change the “recolor” to fully transparent to eliminate border around the image

Fabrizio Veronesi 
I could not reproduce the issue. I haven’t changed the weather bubble related parts of the app for many months, I suspect something else has changed in your system.

Author: greg

the dev