v5.20beta in the Play Store

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v5.20beta in the Play Store
â–ºNew “Circle Galaxy” smart auto layout (aka Apple Watch 😉
â–ºWatchface (screen-wide) auto layouts are available for archive cloud: use these and the app drawer becomes paginated!!!

I already know your next request: I will try to come up with a way to specify which archive page each bubbles goes. I am considering to use the bubble size parameter again: 😉
►-5 → first cloud
►-4 → second cloud
►-3 → third cloud etc

for paginated layouts with uni-size bubbles.


►-5 → first cloud center (bigger)
►-4 → first cloud edges (smaller)
►-3 → second cloud center
►-2 → second cloud edges
►-1 → dump into third, fourth etc. clouds

for pages where the center is bigger.

Currently bubbles are sorted by size, the large center bubbles are the 5’s, the smaller bubbles are the 4’s etc.

Author: greg

the dev