v5.50beta → Play Store

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v5.50beta → Play Store
►Add bubbles to any watch-face using the new  transparent app drawer!!

►favorite cloud background can be transparent
►change app drawer transparency with brightness bar “A” mode
►allow detection of touches outside the bubbles
►set archive bubble style (Hollow/no bubble) separately from the favorite bubble style (in Expert mode)
►app-drawer will not close automatically if clock bubble or transparent

Other changes in this release:
►Detects XIAOMI / MIUI phones and directs users to enable Pop-up windows in MIUI security center
►Auto-brightness is turned off on Moto 360 below 16% battery (option enabled by default)

Make the favorites cloud background transparent to show bubbles on “top” of any other app or watchface:
►Display missing information (steps, weather etc.)
►Add the lock to enable touch prevention
►Dimmed ambient mode!

If you set total transparency (100%) some of the touches can be passed to the underlying app or watchface. See below.

It is recommended to use the drag-and-drop layout designer to arrange the bubbles in the favorites cloud, to position them exactly where you want them over the watch-face.

You can now make the favorite bubbles hollow or without circles and still keep the bubbles full in the archive cloud. (This setting is only shown in “expert” mode)

There is a way to control the app drawer transparency right on the watch:

Click “A” over the brightness control in app-drawer mode to adjust “A”ugmented watch-face transparency (only watches with no light sensor)

If you set the app drawer to 100% transparent, the layer will be reduced to only cover the bubbles: Use the areas below and to the right of the bubbles to handle your watchface. Swipe the bubbles to access or exit your app drawer:
►right: pull in the archive cloud
►left: slide out (exit) the app drawer

Author: greg

the dev