v5.56beta → Play

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v5.56beta → Play
►drawer could not be closed in certain configurations
►Launcher rotation moved to “Basic” settings | tablet 
►improved look of the color box message | was Toast
►setting a background image and still having a 100% transparent background caused confusion → if you set image background the color is changed to 75% transparent  (you can still set it back to 100% if that’s what you need)

The Premium Key app is on sale this week-end. The in-app-purchase prices are not affected.

I had a little fun with the theme below.
Do you have a cool theme to show off?

This icon pack designer has very nice packs to be used on phone or watch: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=a15071992s22101990 (no association btw)

Author: greg

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