v5.68beta → Play

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v5.68beta → Play
Refined the Bubble Folder experience:
►New name “Popup Clouds” → “Bubble Folders”
►free version only allows 1 app bubble folder
►nicer landscape popup window shape/size
►popup clouds are reshaped on screen orientation change (on tablets and if launcher is set to rotate)
►cloud configuration screen appears quicker
►much improved orphan control
►when prompted to restore removed clouds, the topmost option is “Start with blank…” (or “Settings”) instead of the awkward “Add bubbles” button at the bottom
►improved the look of pop up dialogs (no background dimming)
►option to move bubbles from deleted widget to an existing folder
►option to convert a widget to a folder → delete the widget, you will be prompted if you want to create a folder
►attempted to translate new text to the different languages, please help with your launguage at http://trans-bcw.dataglobe.eu/ (only 12 short strings this time)
►if the launcher supports it, bubble folder shortcuts are removed when you delete or move a folder in the app

Note: the bubble cloud will be messed up in Bubble Folders  created with version 5.67 of the app (I changed the window sizes). Simply toggle the pencil → the bubbles should rearrange.

Author: greg

the dev