v5.73beta → Play

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v5.73beta → Play
Thank you for the patience, I am sure you will find it was worth the wait!
New stuff: (see screenshots!)
►The new “Widgets + Folders” screen lets you easily add new folders, modify existing widgets and folders, export them to cloud storage or delete orphaned clouds
►Backup using any storage app installed on your device (Google Drive, Dropbox etc)
►Selected widgets are backed up into separate ZIP files independent from each other
►New Backup option for the home screen widget preferences too
►Backup & Restore option for Android Wear settings
►All watch related settings are backed up into a single ZIP file
►Use Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud solution
►When restoring select “Send file” (or “Export” or “Share”)
►And pick “Bubble Cloud Import” as the target
►The settings and bubble clouds will be imported into the app

Detailed changelog:
►new screen: widget + folder manager (backup! / delete / access home-screen clouds from a central location)
►removed “Bubble Cloud Folder” card → function moved to new “widget + folder manager” screen
►removed “Delete orphaned widgets” button → function moved to new “widget + folder manager” screen
►backup individual clouds (widgets + folder) and app settings to storage apps
►restore widgets + folders and app settings from zip archives (shared to bubble cloud)
►toast when editing widget to remind users they can click on bubbles to edit or delete them (I got lots of questions on how to delete bubbles)
►prompt for icon label when adding folder shortcuts to home screen (some launchers don’t let you change these later)
►fixed a crash when opening folders converted from orphaned widgets
►clicking an empty bookmark widget will open default web browser
►corrected the layout of relevant screens on API 16 (Jellybean) devices
►moved awkward wear-layout-designer button to action bar
►wear layout design clipboard functions are combined into one menu item
►new menu item in the Wear Cloud Editor: Backup & Restore
►fixed wear contacts: clear-all and resend all to make sure contacts are not duplicated

Author: greg

the dev