v6.82 → Play

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v6.82 → Play
► New option: long press analog clock bubble themes to selectively apply clock components (see below)
► no more crash when editing bubble for a removed application → use dot-dot-dot menu to install the app again
► font size adjustment for single line time when both manual magnification and AM/PM/seconds are used
► themes can now specify default single line time font size adjustment value (make digital time bigger)

Using the long click trick you can now use the hands from one clock and the dial from another, or even mix and match ambient dials from a different theme. This brings another level of freedom of customizability to the themes. (screenshots: the settings, and a Frankenstein example for mixing different components)
→ Now if you like the dial from one theme, and the clock hands from another you are free to combine them!

Theme Pack #5 already includes font size parameters, which will automatically adjust the size of the digits to make them larger (see font size before/after in screenshots) Update Theme Pack to v1.19

Author: greg

the dev