v6.86beta → Play

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v6.86beta → Play
► A lot of streamlining and optimization in the code
► APK shrunk by over 10%!!!
► Updated Play Services and other support libraries
► Crash fix when switching easy / expert modes
► Various other crash fixes for out of memory errors
► Removed 2 unneeded permissions
► Compatible with more devices

This update is a long planned under the hood update. You won’t see any new features, but hopefully a lot of stability improvements.

Please make sure you are running the latest version of the Android Wear app (v2.0 was released recently – not the OS, just the app on your phone!!). Also please check if you have the latest version of Google Play Services installed on your phone and watch (v10.0 is the most recent, but you’ll need at least v9.8)

Besides these, please report any connection problems. I’d like to be as cautious as possible when releasing this rejuvenated version to production, since the last major Google Play Services update caused much backlash, because people don’t keep their devices quite up to date…

Author: greg

the dev