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v6.91beta → Play
► Seconds hand in analog clock!!!
► Adjust color of both analog and digital seconds
► Non-dimming full screen clock now also uses 1-click analog clock themes (black background, ambient hands, active dial, yellow seconds hand)
► In watchface mode the “Bubbles/Clock Show/Hide” activity will now open non-dimming watchface (pulse taking for doctors!) can be assigned to ZenWatch3 button Press the button again to replace the markers, press the central button to exit back to the watchface.

Expert options described in yesterday’s post:
► Keep colors of ambient bubbles while having uniform colors in active watchface
► Set uniform color of all ambient bubbles based on battery level, steps progress or weather

Bug fixes:
► Custom icon toggle bubbles (wifi, ringmode) did not appear correctly on ambient watch-face when uniform colors were set
► “App tips and discussion” link did not work for everybody
► Improved refresh frequency of live info on ambient watchface
► Improved battery life with analog clock bubbles

Again, a major shoutout to Joseph Rubin who not only suggests new features but actively helps with the alpha testing too.

Author: greg

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