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v6.94beta → Play
► SERIOUS: was not possible to apply analog clock themes without seconds hands
► prompt to remove custom graphics when user tries to change color of clock hands
► Prevent enabling seconds in app drawer mode (they would freeze when the screen dims)
► Improved experience when deleting custom clock components
► Changed instructions label on non-dimming clock
► Layout icons now reflect change when SPLIT ↔ CLOCK is swapped
► Replaced old videos with newer ones in App-Launcher and Watch-face setting cards
► Removed circle color from date configuration screen
► Image size warning message was displayed every time an icon (from an icon pack) was applied as clock bubble background (message will only display for non-HD icon packs)

I am working on a new video for the clock bubble related settings. Version is going to production when that’s added to the app.

Please keep testing and please report any bugs or issues.
Thank you!

Author: greg

the dev