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v7.04beta → Play
► optimized active analog clock refresh (pls report bugs)
► added option: not to Merge smaller clouds

If you choose paginated archives, the bubble size parameter (-9..-1) will be used to assign the bubble to the pages. Bubbles with larger numbers will go into pages closer to the favorites.

Until this app version my page assigning algorithm merged smaller clouds if the sum of their cardinality was less than the maximum number of bubbles set for the pages. In the example below you can see that the maximum number of bubbles is set to 12, so pages 9 (5 bubbles) and 8 (7 bubbles) can be merged [9:5+8:7], because together they still fit into the grid of 12 bubbles.

The new option is really the ability to turn off merging, this way different size values will always produce separate pages. The example below shows when merging is turned off, the first page will only contain 5 bubbles [9:5] even though more could fit into the maximum of 12.

In circular layout we should be able to differentiate the center bubble, which may appear much bigger than the rest.

In the updated algorithm if you turn merging off clouds will be formed based on pairs of bubble size values:
► bubble with odd size values appear bigger in center
► bubble with even size values appear smaller around it
In practice:
► 1st page: Size 9=center. Size 8=smaller bubbles
► 2nd page: Size 7=center. Size 6=smaller bubbles
► 3rd page: Size 5=center. Size 4=smaller bubbles

In either systems if the number of bubbles with a certain size value (or value pairs) exceeds the maximum number of bubbles set, the algorithm will split the page into two equal size pages.

If you had assigned the size value “-9” to 14 bubbles while the maximum number of bubbles is set to 12: the algorithm will create two pages each with 7 bubbles: [9:7][9:7]

These layouts contain variable size bubbles, so splitting by bubble size value doesn’t make that much sense. Still, pages will be formed along bubble size values, but merging cannot be turned off for these.

Turn merging OFF for a much less confusing pagination system.

Author: greg

the dev