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v7.07 → Play
► support for extra center layer in analog clock themes (Santa12 and future cartoon themes)
► voice search bubble on the watch appeared blurry when using uniform color
► optimized the app drawer

My Christmas gift to Bubble Cloud Watchface launcher users:

► 4 fonts (Kingthings Willow, Kingthings Willowless, Snowy-Ooky, PWChristmasFont)
► 1 analog clock bubble design (Santa12)
► 8 matching background textures (4 favorites, 4 archive)
► 4 matching themed bubbles for creating consistent looking watch faces (star, gift box, red orb, blue orb)
► Both for round and square watch shapes

This new theme pack requires the latest version of Bubble Clouds for the Santa12 theme to work properly.

Please report bugs and problems

Possible problem areas:
► I updated the code which returns to the favorites cloud after a timeout
► I updated the analog clock bubble code, possible issues

Author: greg

the dev