v7.14beta → Play

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v7.14beta → Play
► New “Selective reset” for Wear settings (see below)
► Increase the distance of the app drawer from the edge of the screen when it’s off in watch-face mode
► fixed reported crash in date bubble dialog (chinese)
► fixed reported crash in wear cloud editor

We have been missing a proper “Restore defaults” option for the Watch-related settings (it was available for the home screen widgets). Version 7.14 fixes this shortcoming…

Reset to default… command in 1-Click Themes card:

► Font and backgrounds → equivalent to pressing the last (black) “clear” theme. It was not available if you uninstalled all themes.
► Clock bubble → equivalent to pressing the “Restore defaults” button in the Clock bubble config screen
► Smart auto-layouts → Restores the default layouts for favorites and archive. Also resets margins, spacing, labels etc.
► Bubble sizes → [careful!] this resets every bubble weight value, which means they move back to their initial clouds (favorites vs. archive), hidden apps reappear. Equivalent to the “Reset bubble size” menu command in the Wear Cloud Editor
► Settings on watch → Changes all expert options back to their default values
► Reset Cloud Editor → Prompts you to clear all Wear Cloud Editor settings (equivalent to long pressing the drawing compass icon in the Smart Auto Layout dialog)

The first 2-3 options are checked by default, because they do the least amount of “harm”. Be careful applying the bottom options. Cloud Editor reset will even prompt for a secondary confirmation.

As you can see there are some new and extended options, but I also collected all existing reset commands into one practical batch. These are useful if for any reason you ever need to go back to the start position.

Author: greg

the dev