v8.02 → Play

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v8.02 → Play
Cleaned up the new hardware button functionality:
► will no longer go into settings when long pressed
► switched to using image toasts for feedback
► removed the combined lock + sunlight mode (made no sense)
► allow any combination or primary and secondary functions
► handle missing permission gracefully for Sunlight mode (to change system settings
► increased time window to accept a secondary longpress
► recommended to long press twice for secondary option (quicker)

LONG → release → LONG
(This opens the assistant and every other secondary function quicker)

Screenshots below show the various feedback icons:
► “2x” will show up next to the configured function if there is a secondary option available
► You can see how the “Theater” mode dims the screen and prevents touches

I think I am going to release the app as is for now. Configuration in the phone app is coming later. The settings are backed up and restored correctly, but you cannot yet adjust these options on the phone.

Please let me know if you find any problems

Author: greg

the dev