v8.09beta → Play

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v8.09beta → Play
► IMPORTANT: update Wear Stand Up Alert also to 2.09beta
► improved value range complication bubbles (ambient icon color change, text readability improvements)
► show notification on phone if weather update fails because of disabled location services (used to be a toast only)
► clicking complications without tap actions will now toggle inactive watch-face (easier access to standard watch-face functions)
► link to App Info and Play Store pages from the Bubble Edit screen for complications too

► fixed annoying issue where the app drawer would appear when you switch watch faces
► fixed issue which caused the handle to grow when switching from watch-face to app drawer mode
► crash fix in What’s New dialog (embarassing… though it only presented itself sometimes when returning to What’s New via menu command About, but still)
► crash fix in Intro screen (ouch …again)

► ability to control stand and sit vibrations separately (both from watch and phone)
► new complication bubble: shows inactivity time (progress), icon changes when configured time limit is reached. Progress shows steps count while standing
► in bubble cloud launcher the color of the complication bubble changes from green to red
► fixed edge cases which caused undetected steps in the beginning and end of the office hours or after watch was removed from charger

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Author: greg

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