v8.30 → Play

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v8.30 → Play
► More consistent handling of top/center clock piece when applying themes selectively (select center piece to clear in themes which don’t contain a center piece)
► Clarified usability of color picker for watch face backgrounds: “Check your watch: press cancel to keep default theme color” now shows in color picker
► Big Portuguese update – thank you Arthur Machado
► Added some missing translations to all languages
► Don’t show hue/saturation control if only background is to be applied selectively
► Fixed a sticky open related crash

Theme Pack #8 v2.07 → Play
► Removed leading space in digit “1” in Marc12 theme (caused alignment issues). Maddoc uses same font, kept leading space there: choose whichever you like
► Optimized analog watch face components
► Added license notes to all Themes
► Namoc12 theme dial/hands overlay issues (inner dial was top/center piece. Now active dial contains both inner+outer, outer ambient can be applied optionally)

Many thanks to Joseph Rubin for the watch face design inspirations and all the testing, feedback

Author: greg

the dev