v8.54beta → Play

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v8.54beta → Play
► Tasker plugin edit screen will show Bubble Cloud app name too
► Tasker plugin blurb includes color transpareny info
► Show color name in plugin configuration screen
► Defer refresh for wearable bubble clouds (batch bubble update commands)
► 36h timeout for tasker plugin in free version

► attempt to stop interference between archive and favorite clouds
► enter inactive watchface before lifting finger when swiping vertically on the active watch face (thank you Juraj Holas for the suggestion!)
► bubbles had to be tapped twice on the inactive watch screen to open apps

Each plugin command causes the affected widgets and the clouds on the watch to refresh. If you bubbles are moved generating new cloud layouts can be quite time consuming.

You might have noticed the switch “Refresh affected clouds” at the bottom of the screen. You will normally want this to happen, otherwise the changes will not become visible. But if you plan to update a lot of bubbles in a task, it is recommended to enable refresh only for the LAST command. All changes will be pushed to the widgets and to the watch, and the last command will make sure the clouds are redrawn to show the results.

TL;DR: if you have multiple Change Bubble commands, only enable Refresh for the last.

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