v8.66beta → Play (stability improvements)

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v8.66beta → Play (stability improvements)
► Lots of under the hood optimization and code cleanup
► Turns out the Android 8.0 message “displaying over other apps” is not translated to languages, my removal instructions now also show it in English
► Reduce battery update frequency in App Drawer Mode (new Android is picky about wakeups)
► Note to Wear24 users: button remapping might have been blocked by Verizon

► when trying to open a saved blank HTTP Command Bubble [you could not edit/delete them!]
► when tapping list items in Wear Cloud Editor while they are being loaded
► on Wear24 (non-standard verizon voice assistant configuration)
► when starting Wear Cloud Editor from the Smart Auto Layouts dialog
► after setting color of a component on the watch
► in Wear Cloud Editor while updating the settings on the watch

Author: greg

the dev