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v8.67beta → Play
► new watch face complications for other watch-faces to open app drawer (quicker than General→Shortcut, and there are two icon styles) (M. H.)
► fixed undefined state when switching app drawer left↔right
► increased maximum handle size by 66% (+Amy L. Baylor)
► new folder icons (+Samuel Nogradi)
► measure tool when started landscape (+Matyas Balogh)
► measure dialog in cloud config screen (+Matyas Balogh)
Wear Stand Up Alert updated to v2.26beta:
► default complication symbol color: black→white (+Martin Wolff)

Lots of constructive feedback this time. I refer to the contributors in brackets. Big thank you to all of them.

If you’ve been using the Shortcut icon to open app drawer I recommend re-assigning the complication to the “native” Bubble Cloud complication. There are two styles to match your watch face style: the single color icon also shows you which side the app drawer is configured to.

Technical background: when using the General/Shortcut, it involves starting a broadcast intent which in turn starts my app’s main activity, which then triggers the system alert service which engages the app drawer. The new solution is much more straight forward: the complication intent directly launches the app drawer service:
► broadcast → activity → service
► service
In my tests I found Android Wear tends to trigger a “garbage collection” before starting activities. This adds a significant delay, which is avoided when using the new option. I was able to measure about 66ms quicker app drawer engagement in my emulator, but real time gains can be even bigger.

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